Comp4Kids Awards Technology Grant of HP Laptops for Youth Development Programs of The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation

Written by Phil Andrews  |  31. January 2014

Uniondale, NY - Januaury 31st, 2013 - The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation, Inc. was awarded a technology grant of Hewlett Packard laptop computers from Comp4Kids, a local charitable organization that provides refurbished computers to Long Island youth.
“Our belief is every child should have the capability and the access of using computers, so they will have the opportunity of linking to 21st Century technology, having access of using the world wide web as they discover the many opportunities which will enable, enrich, equip and empower their lives through the power of education,” said Keith H. Burgess, Founder/CEO.
Burgess stated the Foundation, through their educational initiatives, will use the laptops as part of its developing youth employment, leadership and homework assistance initiatives to be implemented this summer.
Comp4Kids, a Long Island-based IRS recognized 501(c) (3) charity, collects and refurbishes used computer equipment. The organization distributes computers for free to low income families across Long Island, NYC, and lower Westchester. Comp4Kids works with numerous school districts, public libraries, pre-schools, after school programs, special education schools and other charitable organizations which service at-risk children, families, and young adults. Comp4Kids also provides the training necessary to implement technology into their daily lives.
The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation, Inc. is a registered 501(c) (3) Not-For-Profit Educational Organization. The primary focus of The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation, Inc. is to encourage and enable the youth of our community to Dream, Achieve, Rise and Explore (DARE) to their fullest potential towards becoming responsible and successful leaders within the community. Our goal is to foster a commitment which will promote the development of formulating healthy lifestyle choices, which will assist in the enhancement of their academic skills and by increasing their educational opportunities. The programs that directly address this focus are: Financial Literacy, Youth/Peer Mentoring, Scholarships, Professional Development, Leadership Training, and Domestic Violence Advocacy.
For more information on The Dollicia F. Holloway Memorial Foundation, Inc., please contact our public relations department at info@dolliciaholloway.org.  Visit us online at www.dolliciaholloway.org.

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