60 William Floyd Students Named to SCMEA All-County

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  26. January 2018

Mastic Beach, NY - January 26, 2017 - Sixty student musicians from William Floyd High School, William Paca Middle School, William Floyd Middle School and Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School have been selected to perform in the Suffolk County Music Educators Association (SCMEA) All-County Festival in early March, an honor for students in grades five through 10 who have demonstrated excellence with their instruments or voices.
Students who are selected for SCMEA are considered among the best musicians or vocalists in their grade levels in all of Suffolk County. Their acceptance is based upon the results of a NYSSMA solo performance as assessed by a judge in the spring of the previous school year.
“It is truly an honor for these 60 students to be chosen for the SCMEA All-County Festival and to participate with students from other districts recognized as some of the best musicians in Suffolk County, ” said George Ober, Chairperson, William Floyd Music Department. “Congratulations to the All-County students on their selection, their teachers, and the entire William Floyd music faculty who have been contributors in guiding them toward success.”
The following students have been named SCMEA All-County:
Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School
Band: Joshua Crespo (alto sax). Teacher: Sharon Kitzis (band). This is the second consecutive year that a fifth-grade student has been selected for SCMEA as Kassidy Chamberlain (flute), formerly a fifth grader at Tangier Smith Elementary School under the tutelage of Sharon Kitzis, earned the honor.
William Floyd Middle School
Band: Justin Cooke (baritone/euphonium); Nikolas DelVecchio (baritone/euphonium); Mary Duenzl (flute); Christina Girardi (bass clarinet); Nicholas Hristidis (alto sax); Alexa LaValle (flute); and Samantha Towle (Bb clarinet); Chorus: Jenna Bragg (children’s voice); Emily DeMartino (soprano); Madison Grimm (soprano); Kevin Ohlsen (baritone); Isaiah Owens (children’s voice); Lindsay Rusakow (alto); Geneva Smith (children’s voice) Jonathan Torres (baritone); and Brenna Winter (alto); Orchestra: MacKenzie Hatch (viola); Maggie Hua (violin); Brayden Le (viola); Jenna Lecuit (violin) ; Eduardo Marroquin (snare drum) and Kaden Meyer (violin). Teachers: Dawn Conefry (band); Rich Harris (orchestra); and Debora-Ann Tomko (chorus).
William Paca Middle School
Band: Kassidy Chamberlain (flute); Cindy Garcia (tuba/sousaphone); Matteo Higueros (trumpet/cornet); and Jayde Molfetto (flute); Chorus: Justin Brucato (baritone); Alison Clare (children’s voice); Addison Ferrari-Fattizzo (children’s voice); Zachary Formhals (alto); Kenneth Harkin (children’s voice); Arianna Maglione (alto); Aiden Mehmel (alto); Anthony Pecora (children’s voice); Jefferson Pichardo (children’s voice); Jordan Piotrowski (alto); Patrick Shuren (baritone); Christopher Tschinkel (children’s voice); and Kailani Valladares (soprano); Orchestra: Ariella Morano (viola); Ethan Morano (viola) and Michael Soares (double bass); Teachers: Joseph Cordaro (band); Michelle Seifert (chorus); and Donna Visone-O’Brein (orchestra).
William Floyd High School
Band: Anthony Schiano (alto sax); Chorus: Sabrina Delaney (soprano); Alyssa Drell (alto); Evan Iveschich (bass); Matthew Kolongowski (tenor); Arianna Koutrokois (alto); Destiny Leinfus (alto); Scott Levardsen (bass); Madison Mentz (alto); Melissa Mitchell (alto); Makenna Reising (alto); Amanda Suarez (soprano); Kailani Svegliato (alto); and Shamus Weissbach (bass); Orchestra: Daniel Austin (cello); Jordan Cassella (double bass); and Joseph Rueb (trombone). Teachers: Michael Cordaro (band); Garry Helbock (band); Donia Rivera (chorus); Amy Sckipp (orchestra); and Christopher Shaughnessy (orchestra).

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