Nassau County SPCA: Bring Your Pet Inside!

The National Weather Service in NY has issued a blizzard warning,which is in effect from 1 pm Monday to midnight EST Tuesday night. The blizzard is expected to be crippling, with potentially historic impacts to ...

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Nassau County, NY - January 26th, 2015 - The Nassau County SPCA is urging all pet owners, during this blizzard, to limit their pet's time outdoors and to bring pets that are normally kept outdoors inside, this includes outdoor cats. Prolonged exposure to these dangerous, life-threatening conditions could result in a drop in pet's body temperature, hypothermia and death.
Thinking about how a person would behave tends to be a good rule. If we don't want to go out and expose ourselves to the risk of these dangerous life-threatening conditions, we wouldn't want to do that to our pets, right!
It is time to take special precautions to protect your pet during this blizzard.
Bring them inside...remember pets depend on us!
For the Nassau County SPCA's Blizzard Pet Safety Tips, click here!
About Nassau County SPCA
Located in Nassau County, New York, The Nassau County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization originally designed to protect animals in the county from abuse and neglect, and to provide basic welfare. We hold special authority to enforce NYS Agriculture & Markets Law, and all other state and local humane laws. We are the only animal protection agency officially designated to operate within the county's borders.
The NCSPCA is a volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue, care and placement of needy animals. The Society is run entirely by unpaid volunteers and its operations have been historically funded through contributions solicited from the public and through corporate grants.
The NCSPCA receives no public funding, is in no way affiliated with, a subdivision of or funded by any other local, state or national organization and every contribution, large or small, helps to provide the critical care needed to help homeless, abused and neglected animals in Nassau County. The continued success of each program relies entirely on donations. No money given to any other spca organization aids or benefits the NCSPCA. Your generous contribution will help the NCSPCA in all of its efforts.