New Fire Stone Grill and Pizza Combines American and Pakistani Food

Pizza and burgers compliment grilled kebabs and tikka flavored menu items.

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Photo: Shutterstock

Opened just over a month ago in Franklin Square, Fire Stone Grill and Pizza is offering a place to get everything from a personal pizza and burgers to kebabs and grilled chicken spiced with tikka, a Pakistani seasoning.


The small shop (they only have seating for about 12 patrons) is delivering a variety of food items from its kitchen, mostly for those looking for a lunch or after work meal that they can take out or quickly eat-in before heading back to the office.


Photo: Shutterstock.


The menu includes person (10”)  and medium (16”) sized pizzas with styles like philly cheese, vegetable, buffalo chicken and margarita. You can also get pasta dishes and salads. The sandwich choices include philly chicken, double cheeseburger and their chapli burger, which is akin to a kebab with Pakistani spices.


The menu deftly combines typical American fare and Pakistani, especially with its grilled offerings. They offer kebabs, tikka seasoning and achari tikka, which was described by someone who works at the shop as adding a little more flavor (and spiciness) to the meat.


Everything made fresh to order, even their chicken wings, which they say are never frozen and are marinated, breaded, and fried to order.


Location: 380 B Franklin Avenue, Franklin Square, (516) 326-1214.