Nassau County SPCA Pet Safety Tips for the Snow

Written by Joe Randazzo  |  21. January 2014

The Nassau County SPCA is warning pet owners to keep their furry creatures safe with the cold weather and snow hitting Long Island again. No matter how much they beg and scratch, pets are being advised to be kept indoors. The SPCA’s main rule is if the conditions outside are unsafe for humans, they too are also unsafe for pets.
“Always bring pets, indoors, including outdoor cats, at the first sign or warning of a storm,” the SPCA warns. “A snow storm is no place a pet.”
During heavy snowfall a dog should be left on a leash at all times. While it snows animals lose their scent and they can become lost. Deeper snow confuses pets by covering up familiar scent landmarks they use to make their way back inside. For days such as these, pets should wear up-to-date collars in case they do end up becoming lost. 
If your dog must go out in the snow, have a coat and booties ready for them. This will protect them from the strong wind, and the snow and salt on the ground. Salt is painful to their feet and can make them sick if ingested.
Stock up on pet food and medicine before it becomes impossible to travel. The SPCA advises pet owners to have a pet emergency kit ready in case the worst happens. The kit should have medical records, medications, and pet first aid supplies 
Most importantly, in case of evacuation, don’t leave your pets behind.
[Source: Nassau SPCA]

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