Suspect Arraigned in Death of Amityville Boy

Further details have emerged regarding the death of a young boy in Amityville on Wednesday.

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The suspect involved in the murder of 4-year-old Adonis Reed of Amityville was arraigned Saturday afternoon after an investigation that shattered an already broken family.  

Adonis Reed was living with his godmother, Lakisha Pitt, 32, when her live-in boyfriend Jonathan Thompson, 31, punched the young boy twice in the abdomen, causing multiple lacerations to his liver.

In a statement, Thompson said that while babysitting the child, the boy "made him angry because he would not take a nap, so the defendant punched [the child] two times.”

Thompson was charged with second degree murder, to which he is pleading not guilty.  He is being held without bail.

On Wednesday afternoon, an anonymous phone call was made to 911, and Reed was found alone and unconscious on the couch with multiple bruises on his body.  He was brought to Good Samaritan Medical Center, where he passed away a few hours later.

Reed’s 6-year-old sister who also lived in the home with the godmother and her boyfriend is now in the care of a child-welfare agency.  According to relatives, the brother and sister moved in with Pitt about a year ago when their father was sent to prison.  Their mother, Kiara Daniels, 21, of Wyandanch, still had custody of the children, but her custody was temporarily revoked during the case.

“He was a wonderful boy… a pleasure, a gift, a God-given gift, and we cherished him,” said Adonis’ aunt, Lashon Reed.  “I’ve been in and out of the system, and instead of giving him to a qualified aunt, they decided to give him to an abuser… I complained about the family they put him with, and I’ve been trying to fight the system for three years.”