10,000 Assisted in Sandy Rapid Repairs Program

Written by Carrie B.  |  20. January 2013

New York’s Rapid Repairs program has assisted close to 10,000 hardest hit homes damaged by Superstorm Sandy, and work has begun in 7,878 buildings, with 4,303 buildings are remaining. The storm damaged at least 95,000 buildings on Long Island alone.

The innovative program has provided thousands of skilled contractors, free of charge to residents, to help get the basic necessities back on, like running water, heat and electricity and return to their homes.

The program was proposed as an alternate to funding temporary or transitional housing for homeless residents, with the intention of enabling homeowners to return to their homes in order to be able to continue rebuilding. FEMA has funded most of these repairs.

“So far, the groundbreaking Rapid Repairs program has helped more than 10,000 families take a major step down the road to recovery from one of the worst natural disasters in this city’s history – and it is on track to help thousands more,” Mayor Bloomberg said.

The program will continue, helping thousands more as rebuilding efforts continue over the coming weeks. So far the program, made up of 9 prime contractors, 140 subcontractors and 31 minority or women-owned businesses, has been awarded a total $12 million in contracts.

"This was an innovative approach to a unique housing situation," said FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Michael Byrne. "This is more than just a number, this represents over 10,000 families who have been able to leave shelters or hotels and get back into their homes."

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