Leg. Hahn Tapped to Lead Two Vital Committees, Will Now Preside Over Environment & Park Lands

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  18. January 2017

Port Jefferson, NY - January 17, 2017 - Suffolk County Legislature Majority Leader Kara Hahn (D-Setauket) has been tapped to continue to serve as chairperson of the body’s Environment, Planning & Agriculture [EPA] committee and for the first time also as chair of the Parks & Recreation committee for 2017.  While the appointment of a single legislator to serve as chairperson of multiple committees is a rare honor, Legislator Hahn’s accomplishments as EPA Chairperson since 2012 and Vice-Chair of Parks & Recreation since 2014 uniquely qualify her for this dual role. During the current Legislative term, Legislator Hahn will also serve as a member of four additional committees: Education & Human Services; Government Operations, Personnel, Information Technology & Housing; Economic Development; and Public Safety committees.

“I am proud to be chosen to lead these vital committees, and am committed to continuing the critical environmental stewardship that has come to define this legislative body,” said Legislator Hahn.  “Suffolk County’s substantial open space and park land are the natural resources that define our quality of life and make Suffolk unique.  From preserving open space to ensuring public lands are protected and accessible, these two committees complement each other.  Taking a holistic approach to this work is crucial to fulfilling the County’s mission to safeguard our natural treasures.”    

As Chairwoman of the EPA Committee, Legislator Hahn will continue to oversee the County’s land acquisition programs, water quality improvement initiatives, farmland protection efforts, smart growth planning and numerous other projects. In her new role as Parks and Recreation Chairwoman, Legislator Hahn will focus on protecting the County’s more than 46,000 acres of parkland from illegal dumping and misuse, while also increasing ways for the public to utilize and enjoy these sites.

Chairwoman Hahn’s key accomplishments during her four-year tenure as EPA Chair include:

  • Protecting Suffolk’s water from nitrogen, dry cleaning chemicals, prescription drug waste, FRACKing waste, microbeads and other contaminants such as 1-4 dioxane and road salt. 
  • Encouraging environmentally friendly building practices such as green roofs and other green infrastructure such as rain gardens on County properties.
  • Strengthening Suffolk’s land acquisition process to purchase the most environmentally sensitive properties first.

Majority Leader Hahn’s key accomplishments during her two-year tenure as Parks Vice-Chair include:

  • Creating a Memorial Arbor program, Park Passport program and Parks Prescription program in Suffolk County parks
  • Increased public accessibility of local park lands in her district by adding walking trails and/or parking facilities at McAllister County Park in Belle Terre and Forsythe Meadow County Park in Stony Brook.

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