Valentine’s Day Marriage Ceremony Marathon in Huntington Town Continues

Huntington Town Clerk Andrew Raia succeeded mother in the office and continues her 38-year tradition.

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Photo by Emma Bauso from Pexels.

For 38 years, former Huntington Town Clerk Jo-Ann Raia held an annual tradition of celebrating love by providing marathon marriage ceremonies at Town Hall on Valentine's Day. After retiring this past year, her son, Andrew, took over the reigns and will continue the love fest at 100 Main Street in Huntington on February 14th.


“What better way to express your love than on Valentines Day,” he told in a phone interview.


Raia will be performing the ceremonies in the Town Board Room, which will be transformed into a wonderful tribute to “Love’s Greatest Holiday,” according to a press release announcing the event. Local merchants including bakeries, florists, supermarkets, pharmacies and photographers are supporting the event.


Some years, the town has had upwards of 20 people come to join in matrimony. Raia says that people come to get married for the first time and others come to renew their vows. There are some people who come back year after year.


“We like to think every wedding is special,” he said.


Although this day will be a little extra special considering the holiday and the fanfare that the Town puts on.


Couples and their guests are welcome to attend the wedding ceremony and reception at no charge.


“Of all the services I provide to the public, the opportunity to join two people in a lifetime of love and commitment is the part of my job that is the most heartwarming,” said Raia. “Why not choose Valentine’s Day as your wedding date and make the occasion a little more romantic?”


Raia said that you must call the Town Clerk’s office in order to schedule your appointment to get married that day. For first-timers a wedding license needs to be in effect more than 24-hours before the ceremony. Renewals do not need a license.


For further information or if you would like to make an appointment, call at (631) 351-3216.