William Floyd Elementary Students Learn about the 'Science of Water'

Written by WFSD News  |  08. January 2015

Shirley, NY - January 8th, 2015 - Fourth-grade students in Ms. Amato’s, Ms. Moller’s, Ms. Haakonson’s and Ms. Wiemer’s classes at William Floyd Elementary School recently spent a morning learning about “the science of water” from William Floyd High School chemistry students who have been conducting research on the Carmans River. This field trip was designed so the high school students could show the younger students what they have been learning and bring science to life in a fun way. This is one of several district initiatives to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and college and career readiness.

“The science investigation being conducted by the high school students is directly related to the fourth-grade science curriculum,” said ToniMarie Amato, a fourth-grade teacher at William Floyd Elementary School. “This experience showed the fourth graders that what they learn in elementary school is directly related to topics they will be learning throughout their educational career. During this experience, the younger students really looked up to the high school students as positive role models and the excitement in the room for science was contagious. We are thankful to have been able to take part in such a memorable experience and know it has impacted both the fourth graders and the high school students in many positive ways.”

Students visited all six stations, which were: “What’s in Water?” where the high school students demonstrated how liquid is formed through a chemical change from two gases; “Sticky Water” where students learned how the force of adhesion and cohesion help water stick to surfaces; “Dipole-Dipole Interaction” where students learned that water is a bent molecule by utilizing balloons and static electricity; “Phases of Matter” where students learned about water undergoing three phase changes in comparison to carbon dioxide which undergoes two; “How Clean is the Water?” where students tested both the Carmans River and tap water; and “Got Trout?” where students learned about local brook trout and then traced and colored the fish.

“The high school students truly enjoyed working with the younger students,” said Lisa Lackemann, Chairperson, Science Department, William Floyd High School. “By teaching the subject matter to them, they developed a greater understanding of the material themselves. It was an amazing collaboration and we look forward to working with the fourth graders again.”

Pictured: William Floyd High School and William Floyd Elementary students work together on a science project based on the chemistry of water.

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