Hempstead Holds First Ever Mulchfest


Residents can turn their live Christmas Trees into a bag of mulch.

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Photo: Shutterstock.

In the Town of Hempstead they have a way for residents to get one final gift this Christmas. People who want to get rid of their Christmas Trees (sans all decorations and lighting, of course) can bring them down to Baldwin Park at 3232 Grand Avenue in Baldwin on Saturday, January 9 between 10am and 2pm. In return, you can watch as workers shred your tree into mulch and then hand you a bag full of wood chips for your garden.


They're calling it “TOH Mulchfest.”


“TOH Mulchfest is an environmentally conscious program that encourages residents to turn their beloved Christmas Tree into mulch for their gardens, lawns or compost piles,” said Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin. “Instead of disposing of the trees through regular sanitation, we are proud to offer this greener option for residents looking to keep their Christmas Tree year-round.”


According to the town’s website, the entire process will be contact-free and completely safe.


Mulch has a variety of uses in gardening and landscaping, and the organic mulch produced from shredded Christmas Trees is helpful for the environment and will improve the organic content of your soil structure. Any excess mulch will be kept by the park and used for future landscaping procedures.


“I look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come,” said Clavin.