PSEG Long Island: Storm Update - Jan. 3, 2014 at 5:00 a.m.

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  03. January 2014

Uniondale, NY - January 3rd, 2014 - PSEG Long Island is reporting that overnight, there were as many as 822 customers without power. At this time, PSEG Long Island is reporting that 23, of its approximately 1.1 million customers across Long Island and the Rockaways, are currently without service.
In preparation for the storm, PSEG Long Island took the following steps to ensure that the utility was ready to respond to its customer’s needs:
  • Ensured that all available personnel were ready to respond
  • Arranged for contractors, including tree crews, to assist the utility’s own skilled workforce
  • Ensured that additional supplies, including poles, transformers and other pole-top equipment, were on hand
  • Ensured that all vehicles were fueled and ready to go
  • Tested generators at utility locations
  • Coordinated with county and municipal emergency management personnel to open line of communication, report outage status and be available to prioritize any county and municipal issues
  • Snow, by itself, does not pose a serious problem for utilities, but heavy snow, icing and strong winds can increase the possibility of downed wires and associated power outages. Cars striking utility poles can also cause wires to come down.
To report downed wires or power outages, customers should call PSEG Long Island’s Customer Service line at 1-800-490-0075. PSEG Long Island uses an automated system to handle customer calls as efficiently as possible. Customers who get an automated response when calling PSEG Long Island are encouraged to use it, as it is designed to route their calls to the right destination. If you have specific information regarding damage to wires, transformers or poles, we ask that you stay on the line to speak with a representative to provide that information.
Customers with a handheld device, or who are at an alternate location with power, can also report power outages and view the status of their outage by logging in to My Account at www.psegliny.com. General outage activity throughout our service territory is available online at www.psegliny.com and updates are posted on www.psegliny.com/stormcenter during severe weather.
The PSEG Long Island Twitter page, is keeping the public informed about our restoration progress. Customers are encouraged to sign up for updates and additional information.

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