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TROPICAL STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT * LOCATIONS AFFECTED - Huntington - Smithtown - Port Jefferson * WIND - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Equivalent Tropical Storm force wind - Peak Wind Forecast: 40-50 mph with gusts to 70 mph - Window for Tropical Storm force winds: Tuesday afternoon until Tuesday evening - THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Potential for wind 58 to 73 mph - The wind threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Plan for dangerous wind of equivalent strong tropical storm force. - PREPARE: Remaining efforts to protect life and property should be completed as soon as possible. Prepare for significant wind damage. - ACT: Move to safe shelter before the wind becomes hazardous. - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Significant - Some damage to roofing and siding materials, along with damage to porches, awnings, carports, and sheds. A few buildings experiencing window, door, and garage door failures. Mobile homes damaged, especially if unanchored. Unsecured lightweight objects become dangerous projectiles. - Several large trees snapped or uprooted, but with greater numbers in places where trees are shallow rooted. Several fences and roadway signs blown over. - Some roads impassable from large debris, and more within urban or heavily wooded places. A few bridges, causeways, and access routes impassable. - Scattered power and communications outages, but more prevalent in areas with above ground lines. * STORM SURGE - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Localized storm surge possible - Peak Storm Surge Inundation: The potential for 1-3 feet above ground somewhere within surge prone areas - Window of concern: Tuesday afternoon until early Wednesday morning - THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Potential for storm surge flooding greater than 1 foot above ground - The storm surge threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Plan for storm surge flooding greater than 1 foot above ground. - PREPARE: Complete preparations for storm surge flooding, especially in low-lying vulnerable areas, before conditions become unsafe. - ACT: Leave immediately if evacuation orders are given for your area. - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Limited - Localized inundation with storm surge flooding mainly along immediate shorelines and in low lying spots, or in areas farther inland near where higher surge waters move ashore. - Sections of near shore roads and parking lots become overspread with surge water. Driving conditions dangerous in places where surge water covers the road. - Moderate beach erosion. Heavy surf also breaching dunes, mainly in usually vulnerable locations. Strong and frequent rip currents. - Minor to locally moderate damage to marinas, docks, boardwalks, and piers. A few small craft broken away from moorings. * FLOODING RAIN - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: - Peak Rainfall Amounts: Additional 1-3 inches, with locally higher amounts - THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Potential for moderate flooding rain - The flooding rain threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Emergency plans should include the potential for moderate flooding from heavy rain. Evacuations and rescues are possible. - PREPARE: Consider protective actions if you are in an area vulnerable to flooding. - ACT: Heed any flood watches and warnings. Failure to take action may result in serious injury or loss of life. - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Significant - Moderate rainfall flooding may prompt several evacuations and rescues. - Rivers and streams may quickly become swollen with swifter currents and may overspill their banks in a few places, especially in usually vulnerable spots. Small streams, creeks, canals, and ditches may overflow. - Flood waters can enter some structures or weaken foundations. Several places may experience expanded areas of rapid inundation at underpasses, low lying spots, and poor drainage areas. Some streets and parking lots take on moving water as storm drains and retention ponds overflow. Driving conditions become hazardous. Some road and bridge closures. * TORNADO - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: - Situation is somewhat favorable for tornadoes - THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Potential for a few tornadoes - The tornado threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Emergency plans should include the potential for a few tornadoes. - PREPARE: If your shelter is particularly vulnerable to tornadoes, prepare to relocate to safe shelter before hazardous weather arrives. - ACT: If a tornado warning is issued, be ready to shelter quickly. - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Limited - The occurrence of isolated tornadoes can hinder the execution of emergency plans during tropical events. - A few places may experience tornado damage, along with power and communications disruptions. - Locations could realize roofs peeled off buildings, chimneys toppled, mobile homes pushed off foundations or overturned, large tree tops and branches snapped off, shallow rooted trees knocked over, moving vehicles blown off roads, and small boats pulled from moorings. * FOR MORE INFORMATION: - - -

Football Season Ends for New York

The Jets and Giants played their final games of season this Sunday, while the Nets try to turn their own season around.

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Jets Go Out With a Whimper

When the Jets and Bills faced off in Week 1 of the season, New York was in rare form; the team was firing on all cylinders and blew Buffalo out 48-28. Perhaps it is only fitting then, that at the end of a year plagued by quarterback controversies, injuries, poor decisions and even worse execution, Gang Green would run up against the Bills once more, and this time crumble.

Mark Sanchez got the start, as third-stringer Greg McElroy was out with a concussion and backup Tim Tebow is expected to depart from New York before next year. He did little to endear himself to the team or potential offseason suitors, completing less than half of his attempts as he went 17/35 for 205 yards, no touchdowns, and an interception. The Jet’s running game was no more effective; Greene ran for 74 yards on 19 touches while Powell had 56 on 12.

Nick Folk provided the team’s only points, putting up one field goal in the first quarter from 47 yards out, and another two in the second from 23 and 28 yards.

The Third Folk FG did give the Jets a temporary 9-7 lead, but the Bills quickly erased it with their second TD less than 30 seconds later. A scoreless third quarter kept the game relatively close until Buffalo ran in two more touchdowns in the fourth, defeating New York 28-9.

Following this resounding defeat, and a 6-10 season, CEO Woody Johnson has announced he will be letting go of General Manager Mike Tannenbaum and searching for a new GM. Rex Ryan, who is contracted through next season, will stay on as head coach, while the quarterback situation is still up in the air. All three Jets QB’s have contracts for next year, with Sanchez’s taking up a sizeable chunk of the team’s payroll.


One Giant Effort Not Sufficient for Playoff Berth

With an 8-7 record, the Giants came into their final regular season game needing a great deal of help to make another run at the playoffs. Not only did they have to defeat the Eagles— to whom they lost 17-19 in Week 4—they needed the Cowboys, Bears, and Vikings to each lose their games as well.

Big Blue did their part, as Eli and the rest of his offense came out of the weeks-long slump which cost them the NFC East title. Manning threw three touchdowns—two to Randle, and one to Wilson—in the first quarter alone.

Two more TD’s came during the second quarter, as Bradshaw ran one in following Philadelphia’s only scoring drive, and Manning connected to fan-favorite Victor Cruz in a 13-second drive that closed out the half.

The third quarter was a scoreless one, but Eli had one more TD in him as he threw to Henry Hynoski halfway through the fourth. It was the tight end’s first career touchdown, and with it the Giants went up 42-7.

Eli went 13/21 for 208 yards and 5 TD’s, while Bradshaw ran for 107 on 16 carries and Wilson had 75 on 15 (as well as his 15 yard touchdown reception). 

Despite their complete domination of a division rival which has given them much trouble in recent years, the Giants would not advance to the playoffs. The Cowboys fell to the Redskins, crowning a new NFC East champion, but the Bears would defeat the Lions shortly after Big Blue’s own victory, thus ending any hopes for a wildcard spot. Chicago’s hopes would also come crashing down, as the Vikings defeated Green Bay to take the sixth seed in the NFC.

With that, the Giants’ season ends, and while it does end on a high note, it leaves no chance to defend the Lombardi trophy earned last February.


Nets Now 2-1 Under Carlesimo

The Nets won their second straight game under interim coach PJ Carlesimo as they hosted the Cavaliers on Saturday. Despite being outscored in the second, third, and fourth quarters, a 34-24 first period would provide all the cushion the team needed to win by a final of 103-100.

Brook Lopez posted a double-double with 11 rebounds and a season high 35 points, 11 of which came in the last quarter. Johnson and Williams backed him up with 15 points apiece, while the rest of the team stayed in single digits. The win is a refreshing turn of events for the team, but it comes over a feeble opponent and by a narrow margin at that.

Brooklyn ran up against their first competitive opponent since firing Avery Johnson last night, and the results left the Nets happy to leave 2012 behind.

The Nets entered the half trailing San Antonio by 8 points; the third quarter would prove fatal for them. Missing shot, after shot, after shot, Brooklyn scored only 5 points through the entirety of the third—making only 2 of 20 baskets— as the Spurs padded their lead by 25. Ultimately, the Nets would lose by an embarrassing final of 104-73. It seems that Brooklyn will need more than a coaching shakeup in order to right the problems they have had over the past few weeks.

Brooklyn’s next game will be against Oklahoma City, tomorrow night at 8.