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Fundraiser-Save Sonny

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Fundraiser-Save Sonny

03 Jun, 2014 9:59 a.m.
My best friend has helped me through depression, and through the ups and downs in life, it's my turn to save him with your help.

Sonny was diagnosed with Diabetes on 5/28 the next day he was rushed to the vet with ketoacidosis & now needs IVs and feed tube to survive.
Sonny is a 12 year old cat, and has been a member of my family for 10 years. He has been my best friend for all of my adult life, and helped me through good times and bad-Any time I am upset, he knows, even if its me crying over a TV show, he runs to me and cuddles with me until I stop. Most people think cats aren't loyal or needy, but this cat gets depressed when I'm gone, sleeps with me every night and we have a bond that I've never had with any other pet.

I hate asking for money, but at this point we're already $900 in the hole. I don't want to have to put him down because I can't afford it. He deserves better than that.

About a week ago (end of may 2014) I noticed Sonny dramatically lost weight, so I made an appointment with my vet and had blood work done. On Wednesday May 28 I got a call with the results stating he had Diabetes, and was told to make an appointment to discuss treatment and for further blood work. The next night, Thursday May 29, 2014 Sonny started acting strange, as if he was drunk. He couldn't drink water, and was extremely weak and dehydrated. I rushed him to the Vet, and he was diagnosed with Ketoacidosis- It occurs when the body cannot use sugar (glucose) as a fuel source because there is no insulin or not enough insulin. Fat is used for fuel instead. Byproducts of fat breakdown, called ketones, build up in the body. He was put on an IV and admitted right away.
Unfortunately, it was so advanced that it is now effecting his liver. His diabetes is now under control, but now because he will not eat, his body is attacking his liver for nutrients. Unless he gets feeding tube, it is unlikely it will survive.

Sonny is only 12 years old, and had gotten blood work just last summer, with no signs of diabetes. The vet said if he can get over this one hurtle he can live a long, happy life. He is my best friend, and I want to give him the best chance and am asking for your help.
Thank you for your consideration.
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