Brush your pet daily to insure your pet’s oral health

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Brush your pet daily to insure your pet’s oral health

05 May, 2014 2:21 a.m.

With a gentle hand, persistence and a little patience, many pet owners can teach their dog to submit to daily tooth brushing, which is a perfect way to insure that no tartar is formed on your pet’s teeth.

One of the successful ways to brush your dog’s tooth is to progress slowly and gently, hence allowing your pet to adapt at his own pace. Instead of starting with a toothbrush start with your finger and then get your pet familiar with having your finger inside his mouth. Rub his top front teeth gently all the way to his back teeth. Repeat same on the lower teeth. Often praise your pets and keep this session short.

Once your pet starts accepting presence of your finger inside his mouth, softly wrap a thin damp cloth around your fingertip and rub the teeth. You’ll be amused to see the amount of gunk you wipe off with just a piece of thin paper.

In the next step use a safe, natural dental cleaning product that is designed specifically for pets and then apply a very small amount to the gauze before you rub your dog’s teeth. You can progress to a finger brush or even a soft brush once your dog gets used to it.

There are also products available in the market that goes to work to break down plaque and tartar even without brushing in case your dog is highly resistant in having his teeth rubbed or brushed. The more rubbing and brushing your dog allows the more quickly result will be seen, and will be much easier to maintain your pet’s oral health.
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