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Bakery Route Driver & Owner

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4 months, 1 week ago by bigbaking


The Time Is Late. The Hustle is Now.

This ad is for smart, hungry, organized and careful hustlers.

This ad is likely better suited to either people who live in Brooklyn or people who live in Long Island.

This is because I am looking to open routes in both Brooklyn & Long Island.

Please pay close attention to the details of this ad, if you do not meet the minimum criteria that follows then do not answer. We both must value our time.

Minimum Requirements:

1. Be able to legally obtain work in the United States Of America

2. Speak English though additional languages are a bonus.

3. Be the owner of one valid and clean New York State/CT Driver’s License.

4. Have in your possession or be able to secure for yourself from another job a clean, already fully insured:

  • full-size van OR
  • an extended-size van OR
  • a box truck (Grumman style) OR
  • a 14 ft cube truck

that you MUST already have daily access to in the mornings.

You may be already using this vehicle from your full-time job delivering newspapers, or a distibution company you are already driving for, from your brother's moving company, your own dollar taxi-van, the truck rental company you already work for or your own personal van vehicle. It doesn't matter where you get it as long as you come with it.

You will also need free hours or to co-opt hours already on the road in Brooklyn or Long Island (depending on which is convenient to you) for seven days a week from approx. 5 am to 9 am.

I am looking to start two routes, one in Brooklyn and another in Long Island. I have inside knowledge of a firmly established wholesale bakery’s most consistent, quality-tight and priced to profit products. I have a unique relationship with this business which provides me better than standard wholesale prices. I propose we start a route. I sell, take orders, compute, collect, hustle samples and find us customers. You deliver; sharply alert, sharply dressed, charming, on time and with careful attention to quality. We start at the bottom, we split proceeds 50/50 from the start. PARTNERS. As in: loyal, dedicated, steadfast and conscientious. We get our own vehicle as the next step when the route grows to a profitable size.. Finally, we end up at the top with a passive income when the route brings us enough $ that we can outsource this route, or double it and hire out the excess. Then? We start all over again, that's one option.

Talk it out with me. The Vehicle & the Personality & The Work/Partnership Ethics are mandatory. The rest is open to discovery.

Please email -