TKO Strong Foundation

PO Box 245
Malverne, NY 11565
Phone: 516-887-2787
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Thomas Kevin Onorato was the inspiration for starting TKO Strong Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) corporation. Thomas suffers from Microvillus Inclusion Disease. It is a devastating genetic disease, which results in intestinal failure. Thomas and others living with this disease cannot eat. They are unable to absorb food or fluid. They excrete a critical amount of fluid a day and there are many fatal complications.  

These individuals relay on TPN, which is an intravenous solution that provides their nutrition. It is administered directly into a major vein through a surgically placed broviac. The rarity of this orphan disease is the cause for minimal research. There is no cure for Microvillus Inclusion Disease or intestinal failure. Therefore, we have taken the initiative to raise money for research, in hope of finding a cure.

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