We charge labor only!

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Afraid of being ripped off by bad contractors? Don't know what's your cost when it comes to remodeling? Contractors charging too much for a Job? Want to keep control thru out the entire job? Running on a budget? Contractors don't show up after initial deposits etc?
We're here to help by charging a flat fee on labor and as for materials we will buy and all you will need to do is reimburse us for what it actually cost!
All materials will be verifiable with receipts from local big box stores! 
Call us today and we'll take every customer serious like a family.
Hvac, Electricial, Plumbing, Kitchen  & Bath, Mechanical, Flooring, Basement Remodeling, Carpentry, Tile, Painting, Windows, Roofing, Rental homes/Apartments,  Cleaning, Junk Removal