Design a Sign by Yaymaker

Here at Yaymaker, we’re all about empowering people to get up, get out, and get making. And, if you’ve tried one of our popular paint events in the past, you know that not only will you be embarking on a fun night out, but you’ll also be encouraged to tap into your creative side. With a Design a Sign nite out, you can expect the same excitement and creativity you’ve come to love of our Yaymaker events, but with a twist. Not only will you be making something personalized and unique, but you’ll be doing it side-by-side with a bunch of other fun-loving friends who will be working on their own interesting designs made directly on a slab of natural wood.

Wondering how it all works? It’s actually a lot like Paint Nite except it’s all about four, fun steps: stencil, paint, peel, reveal! To get started, you’ll visit a nearby bar or restaurant where a local host will guide you through how to design your own wooden sign. You drink, laugh and make something unique… you know the drill—but instead of a painting on canvas, you’ll create custom wood wall art using a stencil we print just for you.

Want a sneak peek of exactly what an event is like? We’d love to show you! You can find all our Design a Sign events on your local event calendar.

We offer Design a Sign in local restaurants, bars, wineries and breweries across Long Island! Every event is special with different designs. We have over 200+ stencils in our library and more coming! 
Save $8.00 off ticket with code: YAYLONGISLAND
We also offer private events and fundraisers for Design a Sign! 

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