What makes a well prepared repair shop and auto parts store?

Written by automotiverepair  |  31. December 2000

Determining and choosing a well prepared auto repair shop or parts store need not be a daunting task. Investment in the business side as well as the vehicle side of the operation should be evident. The following credentials, prominently displayed by a service provider, show you the investment they made in training, diagnostic equipment and databases, tools and efficient business operation. The importance of each of these credentials for getting your car repaired correctly is described below.. Also, the Car IQ website at www.cariq.com helps auto repair customers objectively compare service providers. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE, is a non-profit organization that certifies automotive repair and parts technicians. Extensive exams must be passed and 2 years of relevant work experience are required to receive certification. Retesting every 5 years thereafter is required to maintain certification. ASE provides separate certification in over 30 different specialty areas of vehicle repair. Motorists Assurance Program, or MAP, is a non-profit industry group that strives to strengthen the relationship between motorists and the repair industry through education and creation of industry standards. MAP accredited shops pledge to inspect your vehicle and communicate the results to you according to industry standards. You therefore have a clear understanding of what services will be performed before hand. The International Automotive Technicians' Network, or iATN, is a group of 22,074 professional automotive technicians from all over the world. The iATN members exchange technical knowledge and information with their fellow members. The combined knowledge of top industry professionals networking together, 401,660 man-years to be exact, helps the professional members of this group provide the highest quality automotive diagnosis, service, and repair. The Automotive Service Association, or ASA, since 1951 is a not-for-profit trade international organization that works to deliver excellence in mechanical, collision and transmission service to consumers. Members pledge adherence to ASA's Code of Ethics that outlines professional business practices. The average ASA shop is 20 years old. Members have access to more than 30 association benefits, including the latest technical and management education, and regulatory information. Mitchell provides extensive vehicle repair databases which contain detailed information such as error codes, troubleshooting flow charts, wiring diagrams and component remove and replace instructions to help the technician repair your car. The databases are provided electronically so the technician can quickly gather the required information about your car.

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