Welcoming 2012 - More Tops Resolutions for LIers This New Year

Written by Hannah M.  |  30. December 2011

For today’s Daily 10 I present to you the second portion of longisland.com’s suggested New Year’s Resolutions, the first of which can be found here. This will complete our list and beginning on January 2nd, and running through nearly the entire month, the Daily 10 will offer in depth advice, tips and resources to aid you on your journey and help you stay tenacious and steadfast in reaching your goals.

  1. Buy a house – This is a lofty goal but for anyone who’s ready for the big step, the more power to you. Need help finding the right real estate agent? We’re on it!
  2. Diet/Eat Healthier – If slimming down is what you’re after you may want to consider joining a weight loss program of which there is no shortage on Long Island. Through our suggestions we hope you’ll find the program suited for you.
  3. Take Yoga and/or Zumba Classes – As yoga and zumba become more popularly practiced arts centers for learning these Zen exercises are cropping up all over the place. We’ll help you find the centers closest to you that suit your skill level and needs.
  4. Run a Marathon – The sense of accomplishment felt after completing a marathon is like no other. It takes hard work and dedication, both of which pay off greatly in the end. There are a number of races held on Long Island and we’ll tell you where you need to be, when you need to be there and what you need to do to get there.
  5. Take More Photos – We should cherish every memory with our loved ones and every experience we have while on this earth. Taking photos of all you see and do is a wonderful way to help you look back with a fondness for all these experiences. 
  6. Learn to Dance – Many of us wish would love to get down on the dance floor if only we could look smoother in doing so. Whatever style of dance you prefer there are classes you can take in your area to get you moving and repair those two left feet.
  7. Spend Time with Family and Friends – If you don’t spend enough time with your family or with friends now is the time to start doing so. You never know what tomorrow may bring and it’s best to make use of the time you have now instead of putting it off till tomorrow.
  8. Make New Friends – But keep the old! One can never have too many friends and through joining clubs or taking classes that focus on your hobbies you’re bound to meet like-minded people to share great experiences with.
  9. Get an Education – No matter your age a good education will always benefit you and your life. Whether you’re just out of high school or have already started a family, children and all, going to college or continuing education is nothing something you’ll soon regret.
  10. Reduce Stress and Anxiety – We’ll provide tips on how to slow life down and diminish the amounts of stress and/or anxiety you currently feel in your life.
  11. Stop procrastinating – Stop putting off till tomorrow what you can do today. If you try to live that way tomorrow will never come and you won’t be getting all that much accomplished in your life. We’ll give you some motivational tips to put you on the right track to success.


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