Elvis Presley Karate

Written by karate  |  30. December 2008

In this new year let me bring you this thought. Martial Arts can have a place in most all of our lives. Yes to different levels but even a "Superstar" found Karate Training to bring him to an even higher level. This is about "The King" Elvis Presley who today decades after his death is still an American Icon. Elvis was drafted into the US Army in the late 1950's. It is while he was stationed in Germany and France that he first started studying karate. Shotokan a Japanese art was his first learned martial art. Reports have it that he was karate obsessed and would study and practice hours everyday. In 1960 Elvis was already back in The United States. It was in California that met Ed Parker. Ed Parker was a student of James Mitose who broght Kempo/Kenpo to America. Ed Parker is known as Father of American Kenpo. Elvis studied under Ed Parker with other Hollywood Legends as Steve McQueen and James Coburn. It has also been noted that during Elvis Presleys Black Belt Test in Kenpo, that it was a very rogh experience. Elvis took his karate training seriously and studied and practiced on a regular schedule the rest of his life. In all his action films and on stage concerts Elvis karate training is obvious in his stamina, physique and fluid movements. I believe it gave him an added inner strength to become a Superstar Entertainer. In 1974 Elvis Presley and GrandMaster Ed Parker gave a Karate Demonstration in Elvis hometown of Memphis Tennesee.After his death Elvis Presley was inducted into The Martial Arts Hall of Fame. A Teacher can open a door...But a Student must choose to walk thru it. Call us at (866)95-Karate

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