Happy New Year! Top Resolutions for LI for 2012

Written by Hannah M.  |  29. December 2011

Many of us are making New Year’s Eve preparations - buying fancy dresses, killer heels, slick shirts; getting glitzed and glammed for the wild festivities that will bring in 2012. And as tradition will have it, many of us are making lists. Lists of different ways in which we can better ourselves and our quality of life. We call these “New Year’s Resolution,” in case you aren’t in the know.  Most people have goals, things they hope to accomplish within their life, but Gretchen Rubin, author of best-seller “The Happiness Project,” says, “You hit a goal, you achieve a goal. You keep a resolution.” We think it’s best to have both! While the real work is up to you, longisland.com would like to help you as you create and mold the best version of yourself that you can. Here we will present to you eleven suggested resolutions through a compiled list of the most popularly made resolutions, followed by another eleven tomorrow.

As the New Year rolls in we will do what we can to help you stick to your resolve by recommending different resources available on the Island to make the new you a possibility. Make sure to check back all through out the month of January for our comprehensive guide to sticking to your resolution - whatever it may be!

  1. Save Money –Learn money saving tips and find the best banks on Long Island.
  2. Hit the Gym – Where will you get the most bang for your body-building buck? We’ll tell you where!
  3. Quit Smoking and/or Drinking – Tips on how to quit those nasty habits and find support groups that are happy to help along the way.
  4. Take Up a Hobby – Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn about but just haven’t had the time. Well 2012 is your year to do it. Carpe that Diem!
  5. Meet that Someone Special – Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? It’s time to get on the right track to finding the person you’re meant to share your life with.
  6. Find a New Job – If you’re unemployed on simply unsatisfied with your current line of work we’ll help connect you with career counselors and temp agencies that will get you start on the right path to your dream job.
  7. Get Organized – Times are stressful and it isn’t always easy to keep everything in order. Learn organizational tips and find stores that offer you everything you need to keep your life in one piece.
  8. Volunteer – The season to give isn’t only between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s a season that lasts all year. Many families and animals on Long Island and around the world need your help. We’ll show you what you can do.
  9. Read More Books – Reading is a great way to expand your imagination and really get the creative juices flowing. Plenty of book stores are sown around Long Island with all kinds of literature waiting for you to take a dive inside of the wonderful worlds they offer.
  10. Take a Vacation  - Perhaps it’s time for you to find some relaxation and peace of mind. Why not take that trip you’ve been dreaming of?
  11. Recycle – It’s never too late to start minimizing your carbon footprint. We’ll be providing you with locations of local recycling centers and tips on how to reduce, reuse and, of course, recycle.

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