New Year's Eve Wedding Inspiration

Ring in the New Year with an unforgettable wedding celebration!

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What better way to kick off the New Year than to tie the knot at a sparkling end of the year celebration? New Year’s Eve is a time of partying for nearly everyone, so give your friends and family a night they won’t forget! 
If you enjoy throwing parties, especially on New Year’s Eve, you’re already ahead of the game! Organizing this special wedding will include details and decor that any end of the year party would entail, except maybe with a bit more glitter and shine! A plus about having your wedding on New Year’s Eve? It will be almost impossible to forget your anniversary and your loved ones will always remember it, as well! Take a look at these fun planning ideas to get you started!
Save the Dates
Send your guests save the dates that remind them of a New Year’s Eve party they have been to in the past. Purchase mini champagne bottles and box them up for each one of your guests, personalizing the bottles with your wedding date. Throw some glitter and confetti in the box to truly represent your theme!
Guest Book
Having a guest book at your wedding is a wonderful way to look back and appreciate the loved ones who enjoyed your special evening with you. Instead of well wishes, have your friends and family each write down a resolution they want to stick with for the New Year. While reading through them, you may come up with some more of your own that you would like to achieve! 
Table Numbers
At each table, instead of simply putting “table one,” “table two” and so on, put “Resolution 1!” This is a unique way to let your guests know which table is theirs and is a decor idea that only New Year’s Eve weddings can enjoy! To add to the table number, put a positive quote at the bottom of each card to get your guests excited and encouraged for the new year ahead. 
An elegant centerpiece idea for a New Year’s Eve celebration is a display of four wine bottles, painted or sprayed in your wedding colors, with the new year you are about to enter. Glue or attach each number onto a wine bottle, complete with ribbon and glitter. These centerpieces can be quite inexpensive if you create them yourself. Purchase the numbers, paint or spray paint at a local craft store and use some old wine bottles. Have your friends gather some too, so you never have to buy new ones! Place some candles around the centerpiece to illuminate the table and set a passionate feel for your guests.
Thank your guests for attending your celebration by sending them home with a little gift. To go with the flow of your theme, send each person home with a set of “cheers” coasters. If you’d like, personalize the back of the coasters with your wedding date and last name so your friends and family think of you the next time they have a drink. They will be able to put these to use the next time they have a gathering, maybe even their next New Year’s Eve party!
The Send Off
Sparklers are not only a great way to celebrate 4th of July, but you can use them at weddings, too! A New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect place for a sparkler send off. Give them out to each of your guests and have them light the sparklers all at the same time, sending the new couple off in a delightful way. The photos will look pretty incredible, also! 
Have a New Year's Eve wedding idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!