Classic Winter Movies for the Whole Family

Looking for some great movies to watch this season?

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Winter isn’t usually the best time of year to go outside - so there is certain nothing wrong with staying on the couch and enjoying a great movie with the family. Whether it’s just a cold winter day or the kids have a snow day, there will be plenty of time to stay in this season.
So if you’re watching a movie on a cold day, why not go with one of these classic winter films?
Home Alone
A holiday comedy that never gets old. Both the original and the sequel still hold up today, with Macauley Culkin and Joe Pesci giving hilarious performances.
This winter-themed musical has become extremely popular ever since its release in 2013. While the kids will love to watch this movie again, parents and adults can appreciate this great fantasy story.
Will Ferrell stars as a human raised by Santa’s elves that travels to New York City to find his estranged father. This goofy holiday comedy will have both kids and adults cracking up.
Bill Murray stars in this re-imagination of the classic story A Christmas Carol. Murray’s character is forced to reconsider his cold persona while being visited by three ghosts.
Groundhog Day
Another great Bill Murray movie. While visiting the famous Puxsutawney Phil in a small Pennsylvania town, Murray finds that Groundhog’s Day is strangely repeating itself over and over.
Happy Feet
This animated movie follows a tap-dancing penguin in Antarctica as he tries to find a mate using his dancing - and singing - skills.
The Mighty Ducks
A rag-tag team of peewee hockey players get a new coach - a respected lawyer forced to coach the team as punishment for getting a DWI.
Better Off Dead
This movie starring John Cusack involves a heart-broken teen that confronts his ex’s new boyfriend on the ski slopes. A cult classic 80’s movie.
Photo by alexsaes via Free Images.