What High School Juniors Should Be Doing Now!

Written by College Whisperer  |  23. December 2011

Okay. You've taken the SAT and/or the ACT for the first time (or are about to). Other than that, and perhaps making plans for Junior Prom, what are you doing to prepare for the onslaught that is, the college application and admission process. Sure. Senior year, let alone college, seem a lifetime away. And yet, the time for submitting your college applications (perhaps as early as August 1), is much closer than you think. So, what can high school Juniors -- and their parents -- do now to start preparing for college? Here's a partial "To Do," courtesy of our friends at MyCollegeCalendar.org: Juniors! Now Is The Time To Start Planning For The College Application Process This month, juniors should start planning and taking action to complete the first steps in the college application process. There are many crucial planning and preparation steps that should be addressed now; waiting until September or October 2012 to begin the process will make your senior year painfully busy and could hurt the quality of your college and scholarship applications. Taking action now will reap huge benefits for both you (the high school junior) and your parents. The MyCollegeCalendar.org Junior Early Planning Schedule presents all the necessary tasks to complete through the remainder of this academic year; follow this calendar to be fully prepared for your senior year. What should you be doing now? Look at the schedule for standardized tests (SAT and ACT) and register to take one (or both) this spring semester. Standardized tests are important because the higher the test scores, the greater possibility of getting accepted to college and the greater chance of earning significant scholarships. Review your PSAT test scores to identify weaknesses in subject areas and work to improve those areas before taking the SAT and/or ACT. I highly recommend taking an SAT preparation class, or better still, retaining the services of a private tutor, if you can afford it; preparation sessions teach valuable test-taking strategies and time management skills. Update your student resume. Keep it updated in the months ahead by simply adding activities and accomplishments as you complete them. In February and March, 2012, you should plan to search for college majors of interest, colleges and universities that fit your needs, and scholarships to help pay college expenses. Also, you should prepare to visit campuses of your favorite colleges during spring break and/or the coming summer. In late spring 2012, research preferred summer jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities and think about taking a summer community college class. As a junior, one of the most important things you should develop this spring is your Student Theme. The Student Theme is that special aspect of your personality and character that sets you apart from the other college applicants. Your Student Theme should be included in every part of next year's college applications. Work with your parents to decide on your theme and support it by participating in related activities (i.e., if you are passionate about medicine and plan to enroll into a pre-med program in college, become a student volunteer at a local hospital this summer). So juniors, get started now on the college application process or you just might get passed over (run over?) by other students on their way to visiting colleges, taking SAT or ACT tests, becoming leaders in important extracurricular activities, taking steps to secure great letters of recommendation, interviewing for great summer jobs and internships, registering for summer community college classes, or preparing for the many other steps necessary to get into college. Need I say more? He who hesitates is lost; don't get lost on the way to the best four years of your life . . . college life. For more information, and great college planning calendars, visit MyCollegeCalendar.org. Sound, perhaps sage advice on using the Junior year of high school wisely as a springboard to college admission success. * * * Plan. Prepare. Prevail! The road to college begins at College Connection. Visit us on the web at www.CollegeConnect.info. Then call us for a FREE telephone consultation. 516-345-8766.

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