Holiday Traveling Safety Tips for Driving and Flying

With Christmas and New Years only a few days away, many Long Islanders will be traveling to visit friends and family. We just need to remember to stay safe this holiday season while we are ...

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What is wonderful about the holiday season is that we are all given a chance to catch up with friends and family we would generally not see during the rest of the year. Many Long Islanders will be traveling by car or plane this holiday season to get those whom they love.

However, in all the holiday frenzy, we must remember to take some safety precautions before traveling by car or plane. American Automobile Association (AAA) has many safety tips if you are traveling by car this holiday season, including:

  • Make sure your car is properly maintained. Check tire pressure and oil levels to prevent the possibility of flat tire or a breakdown. If your tires are balding, it might be time to consider new tires as to prevent hydroplaning on wet roads.
  • Map your route. Before traveling be sure to have all maps prepared for your travels. If you are using a GPS, be sure to bring maps in case the GPS fails. If you are using your smartphone, be sure to bring a charger and to not use it for a long period of time; your phone might overheat on a long trip.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. You may have many special items in your car while traveling, but you should keep these items in your trunk or covered as to prevent others from seeing them and attempt to steal them while you are at a rest stop. 
  • Keep an eye on your children. Make sure all children are buckled up properly in age appropriate car or booster seats. When at rest stop, be sure to accompany children to the restrooms. Children should be advised not to take to strangers.
  • Have Roadside Assistance. While traveling, be sure to have roadside assistance phone numbers and contacts in case you have car trouble.
  • Car charger. Be sure to have a car charger for your GPS and phones so they do not fail when you need them. Be sure to unplug your GPS and phone chargers when you leave your car so you do not drain your battery.

AAA has provided travelers with an informative video about traveling during the winter season. This video can be viewed below.

Similarly when traveling by plane, there are many tips you can follow to make sure your have a safe and enjoyable trip. Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) has many rules and regulations that travellers need to follow.

  • Remember to Bring Acceptable ID. ​Be sure to have proper identification while travel or you will not be permitted to enter the terminals to your plane.
  • 3-1-1 liquid rule for carry ons. 3.4 oz. bottles or less. 1 quart clear plastic ziplock bags. 1 quart bag per person. 
  • What not to bring. Be sure you leave pocket knives at home or in your checked luggage. If you are unsure of what to bring, check out this list or, play it safe, just leave it at home.
  • Bringing Food. Be sure to follow the 3-1-1 rule when it comes to liquids or simply put it in your checked luggage. You may bring pies and cakes through security checkpoint, but be prepared for additional screening.
  • Bringing Gifts. Do not wrap your presents! If a present is wrapped, security officials might have to unwrap for further inspection. Wait to wrap your presents after you arrive at your destination. 

So, think before your travel this holiday season. The more prepared you are, the better holidays will be. 

How will you be traveling this holiday season? Do you have any additional tips for travelers? Tell us in the comments below!

Sources: Holiday Safety Tips and Video Courtesy of AAA; Traveler Information Courtesy of TSA