Dallas Stars, December 21, 2000

Written by islanders  |  22. December 2000

So much for three in a row. But it was a good loss. As good as a loss could be, in my opinion. The Islanders played a good all around game. There were offensive chances and defensive plays. If only the Islanders could have cashed in on some of those close calls in the second and third period, we could have tied or won. This game was also a important because all season ticket holders were given an extra pair of tickets. A nice sentiment by Wang and Kumar. Hopefully this good effort by the Isles will bring more people back to some games at the coliseum. The Dallas Stars walked into the coliseum knowing that they were going to win. They were still mad they had lost 4-1 to the Devils the night before. It was a given that they were going to take us, and they did. The Isles did not make any glaring mistakes this game, and the Dallas Stars weren't that much more spectacular than the Islanders. But, the Stars netted 3 goals to the Islander's one. Just some more evidence that we need to pick up a finisher. Question is, WHO? Who was that guy in number 14 Mike Stapleton was everywhere. He was in front of the net, making passes, hitting. Letting everyone know he was on the ice. And every time I looked, there he was. Great Job stepping up while half of our team is on the injury list. Referee, please move Could the referees get any more in the way tonight? They were blocking the puck.. blocking the punches, and getting in the way of hits. During the second period there was a stick down on the ice for the longest time. You would think that since there are 4 referees on the ice, one of them could quickly skate over, pick it up and return it to the bench. Instead, they stood next to it and the players and the puck got caught up in it. It almost cost us a goal also Anyone else want to go on Holiday early? Izzy, Jonsson, Hammr, Haller, Krog, Webb, along with the other injuries. You've GOT to be kidding. Anybody else? As if we don't have enough problems with our top lines playing we need to deal with this? Hopefully all of these injures will make the rest of the team step up. Then when our stars are back in the lineup, we'll be ready for the playoff contention push. Come on, its Christmas, let me dream.

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