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Homeowner How To: Home Appliance Shopping

Replacing old appliances with new can be quite tricky, especially if you are not planning on a renovation, so doing your homework and measuring carefully when purchasing new appliances for any reason is critical.

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Are you suffering with old appliances that just don’t work right? Shopping for new appliances for your kitchen renovation? Did your wall oven finally break and you need to replace it after all these years? New appliances in your kitchen can make the biggest difference in ease of use and functionality of your space and can give your home a pretty painless makeover. Replacing old appliances with new can be quite tricky, especially if you are not planning on a renovation, so doing your homework and measuring carefully when purchasing new appliances for any reason is critical.

With each passing year home appliances become more diverse, incorporating the newest technologies with the latest and greatest innovations, whether they are for the kitchen or other areas of the home.

With so many new innovations on the market it can be very difficult to wade through all those choices and select appliances that will suit your needs, your budget and hold up to the daily wear and tear in the long run.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen and install new cabinetry, it is super important to start the process by selecting the right appliances. The worst thing to do is to order the appliances before you design the kitchen. Rule number one in kitchen design is you need to get an idea of what appliances you want, but you don’t want to be stuck with an already purchased appliance that doesn’t suit your needs, the new layout or fit in the space correctly. So avoid rushing in and buying them on a whim.

Hiring a kitchen and bath designer can help you select not only the best possible floor plan for your kitchen and home, but also help walk you through selecting the right appliances for the design and space you have.

Kitchen and bath designers may have accounts with specialty appliance showrooms that sell to the trade and see design clients by appointment only. Not only will using these services help you to fully understand all your options, get the best possible deal and competitive pricing, but their years of knowledge and experience will assist you in selecting exactly the right products for your home, budget and design. Additionally, they offer fantastic customer service, warranties and delivery at no additional charge.

Some of the newest products on the market that I’ve specified recently include:

Induction Cooktop/Ranges
Induction is a fantastic technology that is super energy efficient. You can literally boil water in less than a minute with an induction cooktop. Not only that, but because it uses magnetic force to create heat, the heat source instantly cools the minute the magnetic tension is broken and the pot/pan is removed from the surface. This is a great safety feature that can prevent you or your children from getting burned. Only certain pots and pans will work on induction cooking surfaces. You can search for those specifically or ask your design or appliance professional what kind of cooking items you will need.

Convection Ovens
Convection ovens work by moving hot air rapidly within the oven, creating an even and extra fast way to roast or bake. Some ovens have duel settings so you can use the convection setting to “speed – cook” and still get all the amazing browning, crispiness and flavor you would get from a regular oven. Many of the newest microwaves are also equipped with a convection option, which means you can essentially add a double “oven” to your home very efficiently and without a huge expense.

For more tips on cooking in convection ovens, check websites and blogs that can help you get the most out of your new appliances and cook like a pro. Keep in mind that cooking with a convection oven does take a bit of getting used to and due to varied manufacturing styles and sizes; not all convection ovens are created equal. But if you can roast a full chicken in 20 minutes instead of 1 ½ hours, adding a convection oven to your home may really help you to cut down on cooking time, energy bills and give you back precious free time.

You should always be sure to measure your existing layout carefully, especially if you are replacing an existing item in a set cabinet or space. Thoroughly research your options and get at least 2 quotes for your appliances. Avoid buying appliances from big box stores or from salespersons who cannot give you accurate information about the product you are interested in or who you may have a hard time dealing with if you have an issue, receive a damaged item or require a service call.

By doing your homework and you will have the best possible appliances for your home, budget, cooking style and layout that will last through years of daily wear and tear.