The Military Ball for the twenty-one seniors at the William Floyd UFSD who participate in the NJROTC was a memorable, gala event.

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Mastic Beach, New York - For twenty-one seniors, this formal event finalized the journey they embarked upon in their freshman year. Four years ago, they made the decision to participate in a character development program that provided them an opportunity to learn to communicate effectively, develop leadership skills, appreciate ethical values and good citizenship, and understand ways to resist peer pressure. Best of all, they made friends; one hundred new friends. So, while learning to integrate and navigate their way in a high school with more than 3500 students they established solidarity and camaraderie with their NJROTC peers.

The Military Ball, held in the William Floyd high school cafeteria provided the students an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments. Young men dressed in official and proper Navy JROTC uniform, several with ribbons, awards, and aiguillettes celebrated alongside young ladies who were fashion statements dressed in gowns and party dresses.

Throughout the year, Navy JROTC cadets in the William Floyd UFSD engage in learning experiences that build character. The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps has a mission and goal to instill a sense of pride, value, citizenship, and personal responsibility.

The goal of the Military Ball was for the students to gather together to reminisce about the fun they had, the experiences they shared, and eat, dance, and be merry.

Three seniors, Sara Tartaglione, Chelsea Nuss, and Robert Wilson have applied for full scholarships to such prestigious institutions as the Citadel, West Point, Anapolis, and the Merchant Marine Academy.