Figoski's killer plead not-guilty, Victim's mother asks FBI to head case, Family's Christmas gifts stolen & other new stories for December 21st, 2011

Shannan Gilbert's Mother Asks FBI to Take Over Serial Killer Case; Grinch-Like Thieves Steal Christmas Gifts from Struggling LI Family; All Five Defendants Plead "Not Guilty" for Murder of Officer Figoski; Two Men Arrested in ...

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Shannan Gilbert’s Mother Asks FBI to Take Over Serial Killer Case

In a shocking plea coming from a mother desperate for answers, Mari Gilbert, mother of Shannan Gilbert has asked that the FBI step in and take over the serial killer case, calling Suffolk Police efforts “clownish”. Shannan Gilbert’s body was recovered last week after a yearlong search that uncovered multiple other bodies in the marshlands in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Mari Gilbert believes that the police have botched the investigation and that her daughter’s death was no accident – and she doesn’t feel that her daughter will get justice until the FBI is involved in the case.

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Grinch-Like Thieves Steal Christmas Gifts from Struggling LI Family

In East Patchogue, one family came home this week to find their house ransacked and burglarized, with their presents stolen right out from underneath the Christmas tree. The Sabolenko family - single mother Cheri, and her ten year old son and twelve year old daughter, excited and looking forward to their first Christmas in their house built by Habitat for Humanity, was devastated by the selfishness and greed of the thieves that not only stole their gifts, but left the kitchen sink running – ruining their carpeting, and damaging parts of the household. Police are asking that anyone with any information come forward, and help make sure these Grinch-like bandits don’t strike again. Additionally, if you would like to donate gifts for the Sabolenko  children, or other children in need, you can contact Suffolk Habitat for Humanity.

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All Five Defendants Plead “Not Guilty” for Murder of Officer Figoski

In the case of the murder of Officer Peter Figoski, an NYPD officer, and Long Island native who was killed in the line of duty responding to a robbery, all of the five defendants have plead not guilty. All of the men involved in the botched robbery of a drug dealer’s apartment that ultimately lead to the death of Officer Figoski are being charged, and the prosecutors have said that there will be no plea bargains.

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Two Men Arrested in ATM Skimming Scam

Two men are accused of installing devices on CitiBank ATMs in Nassau County, and scamming Long Islanders out of over $17,000. The two men equipped the machines with something known as a “skimming device” that they used to acquire bank customers card numbers, PIN numbers, and other personal information.

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Duo of Package Thieves Recognized, Arrested

A duo of teenage thieves has been arrested, after being recognized in their getaway car. The teens, 19 year old Vincenzo Francese and Colby Fiedler, were arrested in Fielder’s home after the cops had been tipped off by a local that these two were stealing packages off of doorsteps. A victim who had a surveillance camera set up at his home released the photo of their getaway car, which was recognized by locals. Both were charged with three counts of fifth-degree criminal possession – after they were found to be in possession of packages addressed to five neighboring Lindenhurst homes.

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