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Get Creative With Your Cash Gift for Christmas with Origami Money and More!

Give cash for Christmas, and get some "oohs" and "aahs"!

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For the friends and loved ones who are difficult to shop for – or if you need a last-minute gift – it is often easiest to just give money as a present.  It is good everyhere, it never expires, it doesn't need batteries, and even though everyone has it, everyone can always use more of it.  This year, don’t just give them money in a card – give them a more personal and memorable cash gift that shows that you put time and thought into a special little something that they can spend in any way they see fit.  Try to tailor the presentation of their cash gift to their interests and include a card with a heartfelt message, and you are good to go!

Origami Dollar Bill Shirt and Tie:  Here is a fun bit of origami if you are inclined to experiment.  Click here to read each step and see the pictures with the accompanying video.

Emergency Fund Frame: Give a tongue-in-cheek gift that is also functional by printing out a page that reads in large text “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, BREAK GLASS,” then mount it in a nice frame with a $50 bill, or whatever denomination you are looking to give.  It’s cute, and it also gives them a frame to use later on (as long as they don’t actually break the glass).

Christmas Tree Cash: Fold your bills into triangles, and stack on top of one another to form a Christmas tree (using tape if necessary).  Roll another bill to use as your tree trunk and tie a bow around it for a cute Christmassy gift.

A Box of Chocolates:  Buy a box of chocolates and remove the candies, but keep the little tins/liners that separate each treat.   Fold your bills to fit into each liner so that the denomination of the bill is facing upwards (either the number, or the president’s face).  Sprinkle some quarters or dollar coins in between to add a bit of sparkle!

Neverending Cash:  Take 20 $1 bills and tape them end to end, then roll them up and put them inside a small box, such as a tissue box.  Cut a slit in the box wide enough for the bills to slip through, and put the end of the roll of singles through the slit with a pull tab.  As the gift receiver pulls, they will keep pulling and pulling as a seemingly neverending strip of ones comes out!  Be sure to decorate the box with a holiday theme.

Money Ornament:  Take a clear ornament, remove the top, and fill it with rolled-up bills.  Then, replace the top and decorate the ornament using paint pens or Sharpies.

Money Balloons:  Similar to the money ornament, all you need is some rolled up bills and a large balloon.  Push the bills into the deflated balloon, then blow it up and tie off the end.  You can also add confetti inside for an extra sparkle when your gift receiver has to open it to get the money.