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Cookies, Pastries, and Cakes, Oh My! Bakeries for Holiday Goodies!

The great part of the holiday season are the parties you will be going to. No guest should come empty handed, so a baked good is always a favorite treat for the holiday season. Can't ...

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Sweets are what dominate the holiday season. From fruit cake to candy canes, having something sweet this time of year just makes this time of year even sweeter!

The classic Christmas fruit cake might not get many people excited, but Christmas cookies and gingerbread men are favorites among many this holiday season.

As we prepare for the many parties coming up in the next couple of weeks, we must remember that, as guests, we are obligated to bring our hosts something to contribute. A baked good can be enjoyed by all!

Understandably, many of us are not great bakers. However, we are lucky enough to have many bakeries on Long Island. Here a just a few of the many bakeries you can purchase delicious cookies, cakes, and other pastries:

Although these are delicious alternatives, if you enjoy baking, check out some Christmas Cookie recipes from

We were only able to name a few bakeries, but do you have a favorite bakery you visit? Tell us in the comments below! Also, share your favorite baked good from that bakery!