More than one killer at Gilgo?, Driver collides head-on with patrol car, Student arrested for "Tebowing" and other news stories for December 16, 2011

Idea of More Than One Killer at Gilgo Under Dispute; Drugged Driver Charged After Head-on Collision with Police Vehicle; Four Arrests Made in Slaying of NYPD Officer; Riverhead Students Suspended for "Tebowing"; Lindenhurst Man Accused ...

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Idea of More Than One Killer at Gilgo Under Dispute

Suffolk district attorney Thomas J. Spota and Police Commissioner Richard Dormer are in disagreement over how many killers may be accountable for the deaths of ten people whose remains were found in the Gilgo Beach area over the last year. Though they each previous supported the theory of multiple killers being responsible for the slayings, as the methods of killing were not uniform, Dormer has recently shifted his opinion in the other direction, reasoning that serial killers often evolve and change their tactics.

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Drugged Driver Charged After Head-on Collision With Police Vehicle

Wednesday night, a man who was allegedly high on drugs crashed head first into a cop car, after being chased by police. The man, 46 year old Edward J. Ferger Jr. of Jamesport, swerved out of his lane and into oncoming traffic, colliding with a marked police car that was responding to assist with the Sound Avenue pursuit. The officer driving the car, Charles Schneider, was airlifted to Stony Brook Hospital, where he was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Ferger was arrested for reckless driving, and driving while ability is impaired by drugs, and was also airlifted to Stony Brook University.

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Four Arrests Made in Slaying of NYPD Officer

Peter Figoski of West Babylon, divorced NYPD officer and father of four daughters, was shot and killed Monday morning while investigating a robbery in progress in a Brooklyn apartment.  Four suspects police believe were involved in the robbery were arrested the following day with the possibility of a fifth person receiving charges.

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Riverhead Students Suspended for “Tebowing”

A group of students at Riverhead High School were suspended this week for engaging in an activity called “Tebowing”, named after the Denver Broncos quarterback, Tim Tebow. The act of “Tebowing” includes getting on bended knee, and resting your head on your fist, as Tim Tebow does when he scores a touchdown. The boys, Tyler and Connor Carroll had gotten about 30 students to “tebow” in the hallway at school, which according to the school created a fire hazard, and distraction, which ultimately resulted in their one-day in-school suspension. The kids are challenging the decision, stating they did nothing wrong – causing the phenomenon, and their suspension to go viral online.

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Lindenhurst Man Accused of Stealing 40 Clothing Bins in Charity Scam

A Lindenhurst man, Cesar Antonio Marinez-Duran, is accused of stealing 40 donation clothing bins that had been set up for legitimate charities, and using them to collect donations for himself. Marinez-Duran took bins from public locations, such as parking lots, and repainted them with the name of a non-existent charity, and taking the clothing donations and selling them for a profit. He was discovered when Breast Cancer, Inc. reported two of its bins had been stolen, and they were tracked down using the GPS units they were equipped with, and found to be in Marinez-Duran’s possession. Martinez-Duran has been charged with criminal mischief and on an outstanding warrant  and criminal possession of stolen property, and second man helping him was also charged with criminal mischief for altering the bins.

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Seaford Welcomes an All-Vegetarian Eatery Catering to Late Night Crowd

Co-owners and Seaford residents Eric Finneran and Salvatore Mignano, are proud to open up their brand new restaurant, serving up delicious vegetarian and vegan fare to Long Islanders well into the night. This unique spot plans on opening its doors officially on December 23rd, and catering to the late-night crowd of hungry young Long Islanders, looking for a new spot for good eats. Owners Eric and Salvatore also own the bar nextdoor, the Leaky Lifeboat, and are active members of the Long Island music scene, as well as small business community. They credit much of their success to their activeness on social media platforms.

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