Toronto Maple Leaves, December 15, 2000

Written by islanders  |  16. December 2000

Wow. That's one big W we had there! Now, let's keep them coming. I'm glad I made this game. I almost missed it. I arrived about 10 minutes into the first period, and took a seat in the 200's, a row away from Mike, one of the Islander experts. Very nice seats, quite different from my usual location in 333, we could actually hear the announcements! The Islanders fought this time. And they won the battle, along with the little mini struggles. There still were some trip ups here and there, but overall a great effort. Passing suddenly seems to have taken a turn for the better. Since the beginning of the season, passing has just been horrendous. Everything either went way ahead of, or behind the man. This game we completed multiple passes in a row. This is a necessity for this team to have a chance. Also, our power play production has gone up drastically! I think these 2 are closely intertwined. Since passing has improved, we aren't dumping the puck into the zone on the power play. We're carrying it in the zone, with more control giving us a chance to score instead of spending half of the time trying to set it up. A funny thing we noticed. After the first period, Lorne Henning, the Islander special teams coach left the bench for the rest of the game. After he left, the Islanders score their power play goals. Coincidence? Maybe he should spend the rest of the season in the press box. Game one minus Izzy Everyone said when they heard Izzy was out, that our playoff hopes are gone. Well, at game one, we seem to be doing just fine without him. How long this lasts, is another story. Maybe this will force some of the team's underachievers to step up and shoot the puck. And why can't Izzy play? I don't get it. It's only his jaw. Put him in one of those kiddy masks that cover the whole face. No one will be able to punch him; a puck can't hit him, what else could go wrong? He should be out for a week, and then wear the big helmet. No problem. Maybe we're underestimating it. Dump the human bowling puck Why do they even bother doing this stupid between period game? It NEVER works. They always have to set up the stupid thing again, and push the guy halfway down the ice. They usually end up getting up and running and diving into the pins anyway! I'd much rather see one of the other between period games, even those silly people that come out and do acrobatics. Here's to Tuesday, looking forward to 2 home wins in a row!

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