Your Responce To Your Business

Written by smallbusinesscoaching  |  14. December 2007

Each month I send an e-newsletter to clients and small biz owners with this sentence in the intro: "The key.... is a simple yet powerful concept: how you respond to the realities and circumstances of your business has a fundamental impact on what those realities and circumstances are. " Our belief systems are drivers of our behavior. They craft our own sense of reality, guiding us to a life or business that's consistent with our core beliefs. When we know what our central beliefs are and know we're acting accordingly, it can be a powerful force. Yet often we're on auto-pilot, letting our beliefs guide us unconsciously. When we don't examine and acknowledge what those beliefs are, we may be continuing to react to events and assumptions that shaped us many years before; lessons and conclusions that no longer apply, yet continue to guide our present day lives and business. It can be stressful: we know we need to change the way we do things if we want to enjoy different results yet no other way feels 'right' or even possible because we believe what we believe. The result is a strong limitation on what's really possible: nothing exists as a possibility if it's outside our belief system. So, before anyone can change their behaviors, attitudes or expectations - about our selves, others, money, business, relationships, success, and all those elements that contribute to a winning business and life - we need to examine and possibly change our beliefs about all those elements. Totally easy, right? If it isn't easy for you - and believe me, it isn't for anyone - you may be limiting the range of possible outcomes and futures you can enjoy. Here's a holiday challenge: examine just one thing you believe fervently about yourself and ask "How is this belief holding me back from enjoying the life and business I'm working for?" If you'd like an eye-popping tool to help shake you of your self-limiting beliefs call me to schedule a 1/2 hour coaching test drive and mention you're interested in "Assessment". You'll learn more about yourself and that's always a good thing. Make it a truly new year for you and a new way to respond to the realities and circumstances of your life and business. As Auntie Mame said: open a new window, open a new door; travel a new highway that's never been tried before'!

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