Proper Care of Platinum Jewelry

Written by wedding-rings  |  14. December 2006

Platinum is regarded as the finest metal for jewelry. It is naturally white, 90-95% pure, and 35 times more rare than gold. The high luster of platinum is distinctive. It is the strongest precious metal used in jewelry, and is almost twice as heavy as 14k gold. Caring for your Platinum Jewelry will ensure a lifetime of pleasure when wearing it. What are the does and don't that you must know! Can you polish platinum jewelry over and over again? What problems will arise when you size platinum rings? What not to do when repairing your platinum jewelry? Many people believe that platinum turns a grayish color when it ages. This is incorrect. Platinum, due to its purity, scratches easier then metals with much greater % of alloys, like 14K gold. The tin scratches make the jewelry look as if it is turning gray. The key to keeping your platinum jewelry looking like new is.. 1. Remove your platinum jewelry when doing housework, cooking, bathing, or other high energy activities. 2. Avoid placing your platinum jewelry where other pieces of jewelry can come into contact with it and can scratch it Click here to read more about caring for your platinum jewelry Can you polish platinum jewelry over and over again? The answer is, YES. Platinum has such atomic strength between its molecules that no matter how often you polish it will not loose any metal. The problem is that most local jewelers do not have the right rouges and polishing wheels to do the proper job. What problems will arise when you size platinum rings? Sizing platinum rings is a big problem. The great amount of heat necessary to work with platinum is not practical for local jewelers to work with. What most local jewelers do instead is use 14K white solder, which turns into a black line on the bottom of a ring. The best way to size a platinum ring is by using modern laser technology, which only a handful of companies like Elsarings offer directly to consumers.

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