How to Spend your Christmas Day - If you Don’t Celebrate Christmas

Written by Eric Anderson  |  13. December 2014

While most of us look forward to Christmas as a day to exchange gifts and spend quality time with loved ones, but not everyone celebrates the holiday. Despite this fact, almost all offices and businesses are still closed on December 25th.
So with the day off of work, no holiday to celebrate and hardly any stores open to keep you occupied, how is the rest of the population supposed to spend their day?
We’ve gathered a list of common activities you can enjoy this Christmas. Whether you decide to spend the day out and about or staying in the house, these will surely keep you busy.
Out and About:
Check Out the Christmas Lights
Just because you don't celebrate Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the holiday spirit by going to see some of the light shows we have in the area. Not all of these shows are open on Christmas; Bayville Winter Wonderland, for example, is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The Jones Beach Holiday Lights Spectacular will be open on Christmas Day - be sure to check if the show is up and running on the 25th before heading out.
Go the the Movies
A lot of movies open on Christmas Day, and theaters are always open for that exact reason. Movies opening on Christmas include: The Interview, Into the Woods and Unbroken. Other great family movies will also be out by the time Christmas comes around. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Annie and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb are just a few of must-see family movies this season.
Enjoy a Walk in the Park
It may be a bit chilly out in December, but if it’s a nice enough day, why not get some fresh winter air? Parks are always open during the day, and there are definitely more than a few to choose from here on Long Island.
Staying Inside:
Binge Watch your Favorite Show
How long have you been meaning meaning to catch up on your favorite show on Netflix? Christmas Day could be the perfect opportunity to get through those episodes so you can keep up with the water cooler conversations come Monday.
Make Plans for New Years
By the time Christmas rolls around you most likely already know what you’re doing for New Years Eve. But you could take the time to figure out some of the finer details for that night: what will you be wearing? Do you have a New Years resolution in mind?
Make Some Holiday-Themed Treats
You can bake cookies, make pancakes or even bake a holiday cake. Doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas - make it themed for New Years instead! feeling adventurous? Try making something you’ve never made before.
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