A Few Proven Sales Techniques for Your Online Copy

Written by marketing-pr  |  13. December 2009

Advice from Angela Kambarian When it comes to your sales pages or landing pages, some good old-fashioned techniques still apply. In other words, some sales and closing strategies utilized in offline promotions also work online. Please see a few pointers below: Urgency " give people a strong and legitimate reason to buy immediately. New " people usually pay more attention to something new, interesting or unique. Scarcity " let people know that supplies are limited. Free " people like freebies. Is there anything free that you could incorporate into your offer? A free gift could certainly influence the decision-making process. Save " people love to save money, especially in a bad economy. Risk-free " most people hate to take risks, particularly when buying from the online company they are not familiar with. Assuming that you have a good product or high-quality service, strong offer and attractive price, the addition of one of these classic sales words can make a huge difference. Let me assure you that you cannot ignore the power of these approaches. As a matter of fact, most of your readers will just teeter on the edge of buying. Therefore, the classics outlined above, may dramatically increase your conversion rates. Just give those teeters a little nudge. What you need to do is push them over the edge, from ALMOST buying to ACTUALLY buying. Now take another look at your current sales pages. Can you add a sense of urgency or offer something for free? How would you reduce the risk of taking action? You may try adding one technique at a time or combining two or three. Don t forget to track results until your maximize your conversion rates. Good luck with your endeavors!

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