A Few Essential Rules for Getting and Keeping Clients

Written by marketing-pr  |  13. December 2007

ADVICE FROM ANGELA KAMBARIAN 1. Clients don't care about YOU. So, don't talk about yourself. Fully concentrate on your client. 2. Ask probing, detailed and preplanned questions. Based on that, determine how you are going to help and contribute to your client's endeavors. 3. Help your client see the money. Try to express your solutions in financial terms. Remember: The prevailing purchase motivation for most organizations is to solve a problem. Example: If a company invests $50,000 in advertising, they should expect to generate up to $100,000 in sales. Show the financial consequences of going WITHOUT your solution. 4. Always take the best seat! One well-known executive and best-selling author suggests the following: If you take a customer or prospect to breakfast, lunch or dinner, always take the best seat. Your back should be facing the wall. This way your client will not be distracted by all the people walking in and out of the restaurant. Your client will be focused on YOU. 5. Forget about coffee on a Sales Call. If a client offers you a cup of coffee, politely decline and get to work. A spill can kill! Ever heard of that expression? 6. Encourage objections. Smart rainmakers know that the sale cannot be made until they address every concern, every question or every objection. Always probe for objections. Rainmakers love objections. 7. Everyone you meet is a potential client. You should see the world, and everyone in it, as your market. It's a small world. Everyone knows someone. And anyone can become a client, refer a client, or ruin a promising relationship. Don't make unnecessary enemies. Always remember that anybody can help or hurt.

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