Ways to Warm Up your Winter Wedding

Written by Chelsea Triola  |  13. December 2014

Winter weddings make for beautiful landscapes and feature elegant decor that leaves you feeling as if you’re in a winter wonderland! If you’re one that enjoys the snow, the brisk air and all that the season brings, why not tie the knot during this time of year?
The weather outside may be chilly but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some ways to warm up your celebration. Check out these memorable decor ideas that will make your wedding day a night you and your guests won’t forget!
Wear a Fur Wrap
The cold weather sometimes makes for hard outfit decisions, this goes for your wedding day as well! You want to be warm while taking photos and walking in and out of the church and reception. Purchase a fur wrap or have one made to match your dress perfectly and wear it throughout the evening if you get too cold. It’s a good idea to have your bridesmaids wear one, too! They would make for some gorgeous photos and you won’t have to worry about any of your close friends being too cold. 
Winter Bouquets
Bouquets filled with winter’s natural elements make for some beautiful additions to the wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Take some snowy pine cones and throw them into the flower arrangements to help warm them up a bit. It can help save some money, too if you find them on your own!
Candles are always a great way to warm up an evening. Be sure to set them up on the tables and include them in your centerpieces. They will not only warm up the party, but they will also illuminate each table and set a romantic mood. Use a picture frame as a sort of tray for the center of each table and put three different sized candles on it, surrounded by pinecones. This will go great with the bouquets and represents your winter theme perfectly!
Hot Drinks
Set up a drink station specifically for hot drinks such as hot cocoa, coffee and tea. Decorate the station to go with your theme, complete with candles and winter elements. This is a wonderful idea rather than having the drinks served one time. Your guests will be able to go and take more as they please!
Give your guests a favor that they will thank you for! Purchase some blankets and roll them up in some festive ribbon and give one to each of your family and friends. This is a great favor idea because it is something that everyone can put to use on a cold winter night! You can even buy a color that goes with your wedding theme to create a nice flow. A fun and different idea is to have each guest grab a blanket on their way into the party, rather than when they’re leaving. This way, nobody will be cold throughout the evening!
Know of a great way to warm up a winter wedding? Share with us by commenting below!

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