Ten Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues This Season


Even though the holiday season is meant to be a joyous time, one might fall into a slump which is known as the holiday blues. Remember to take time for yourself and not stress this ...

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The Holiday Blues can affect many people all over the world this time of year and Long Island is not an exclusion. This seasonal depression is real and has many different causes. Whether it be the shorten daylight time or financial pressures, it is understandable why many people would become depressed this time of year when they are supposed to be happy and celebrating with family and friends. It is okay during this season to take time for yourself and step away from the holidays.
Long Island has a lot to offer those who need to relax and take a break. So, when you identify that you need some me-time, check out out list for some ideas:
  • Have a Spa Day: No matter what gender you are, pamper yourself at one of the various spas that offer packages with massages and manicures.
  • Take a Walk: There are many hiking trails on Long Island and nothing beats a walk to clear your head and cold fresh air to fill your lungs.
  • Go to a Local Event: There are a lot of different events going on every day on Long Island, check one out and try something new.
  • Get a Laugh: Nothing beats the blues better than laughter, so try a comedy club. 
  • Go Bowling: There are not many activities we can do comfortably outside, but bowling is a great activity that can get your mind off the holiday and you can even ring people along.
  • Read a Book: Get lost in a fantasy world or a romance with a great book from your public library.
  • See a Movie: There are some great movies coming out over the month, so get a ticket and buttered popcorn.
  • Take Up a Sport: There are many leagues that you can join on Long Island. Meet new people and get a good workout.
  • Join a Gym: Running on a treadmill or pumping iron can not only be distracting, but a great way to start on a New Year’s Resolution on getting in shape.
  • Go to a Museum: Push the worry from your mind and fill it with knowledge from the many informative museums on Long Island.
How do you beat the Holiday Blues? Do you have any secrets? Tell us in the comments below!