Express Your Love and Affection this Holiday Season

Written by lingerie  |  05. December 2000

It's time to think about gift giving. If you want to give gifts to her that will express your love and affection, here are 10 gift-giving ideas that are sure to be remembered. Give a little of yourself this Christmas. ******************************************************* 10 Romantic Gift Giving Ideas For Her 1. 'Tis the season to be jolly. Show her how exciting a kiss could be. Hang a sprig of mistletoe overhead, anywhere in the house, then wait until you see her standing beneath it, then kiss her both when and where she will least expect it. She may choose to stand beneath it for hours. 2. Communicate with passion. Send her love letters by e-mail. Get some help with this at www.BrianNorris.com/loveletters1.html or eLoveletters at www.eharlequin.com. 3. Get a lingerie catalog and find a photo that features sexy lingerie outfits, paste her photo over the page. Better yet, turn fantasy into reality when you buy her sexy lingerie for the holidays at www.SheerExpressions.com 4. Everyone loves receiving cards, create your own greeting card. Guys, find a male magazine and paste your picture over any male model or sexy body building illustration. Add a special romantic message or poem on the card. This is sure to excite the both of you. 5. Give her breakfast in bed. It is one of the most meaningful gestures you can make. It requires very little cooking skill and even less time. It sure will add a great deal of holiday cheer and she will probably ask you to join her, but not for breakfast. 6. Let her know she is the girl of your dreams. Make a hot and spicy tape recorded message in your own words, describing in great detail the beauty of her body and the joy that body gives you. Leave the tape in the tape recorder, leave the recorder where she is certain to find it. 7. Make a date to take a relaxing bubble bath with your partner. Draw the water, light the scented candles. The relaxation and stimulating aroma will excite the erotic impulses. 8. Plan a surprise night out on the town. Dinner and dancing, or any other activity you think she will enjoy. Be sure the restaurant you choose is one that serves her favorite food and serves it in a romantic atmosphere. When the evening is over, instead of returning home, reserve a room at a classy hotel. Celebrate your love this holiday season. 9. Give her a sensual massage. For 20 minutes and not a second less. 10. You can create a happy, romantic mood simply by taking her out to mingle with the busy last minute shoppers and letting the spirit of the season flow around you. So take her for a hand and hand stroll along busy, tinseled streets window-shopping and enjoying the hustle and bustle of those around you. When you take her home, add to the holiday magic by sharing tender moments before a flickering fire or a lighted tree. Merry Christmas to you and to her from your Lingerie Expert at www.LongIsland.com

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