Wonderfully Simple Winter Craft for Kids


Check out these quick and easy Winter-themed crafts, great for keeping the kids busy on a Winter day!

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We are officially in the month of December which means Winter is just around the corner! While the Wintertime definitely has its cons, like colder temperatures, icy streets, and snow filled driveways, the Wintertime also have many pros! Since the Winter does have such extreme weather conditions, those conditions create a great time and opportunity to spend some time inside with the kids, bonding and doing things together. One great thing to do as a family from the warmth and comfort of home in the Winter is Winter-themed crafts!

Check out these quick and easy Winter crafts great for keeping the kids busy on a Winter day.

Sparkly Snowflake
For this craft you’ll need empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, glue, white paint, white glitter, and clothespins. Each empty toilet paper roll makes about one star so if you’re doing this project with multiple children make sure you have enough empty toilet paper rolls and clothespins. Start by cutting your toilet paper roll in ¾ wide rings. Once you’ve cut 5 rings glue them together at the tips of the rings, forming a snowflake shape. Next, secure with a clothespin while the glue dries. After the glue has dried paint your snowflake white and add some glitter while the paint is still wet. You can also add a string if you’d like to make your glittery snowflake into an ornament!

Hand Held Jingle Bells
For this craft you’ll need multi-colored pipe cleaners, perhaps in colors of red & green, and small jingle bells. Begin by folding one pipe cleaner in half and threading one side through the hook on the top section of the bell. Thread through until your bell is now in the folded middle of the pipe cleaner. Twist the two parts of the pipe cleaner together and voila, you now have a merry hand held instrument!

Hanging Plate Wreath
For this craft project you’ll need a paper plate, 1-hole punch, ribbon, green paint and whatever you’d like to use to decorate your wreath! You can use gift bows, sparkles, stickers, pom poms, really anything that isn’t too heavy, to decorate your wreath. It’s a good idea to walk around a local craft store to look for seasonal, wintery ideas for embellishments you can use. Start by flattening your paper plate and cutting out the middle section. Paint the plate green and let dry. Once dry use your one hole punch to make a hole in the top of the plate to lace the ribbon through so you can hang your wreath up later on. Now let your creative side go wild and decorate your wreath to your heart’s content!

Clay Pot Snowman
For this craft you’ll need two clay pots, white paint, black paint, glue, red ribbon, orange paint, and googly eyes. Be aware that one clay pot must be smaller than the other clay pot so that it can be used as the snowman’s hat. Before purchasing your clay pots make sure you can place the smaller clay pot upside down on top of the bigger clay pot and that it fits. Start by painting the small clay pot black and the big one white. Once dry, glue red ribbon right under where the lip of the clay pot is. Turn your white clay pot upside down and place the small black clay pot upside down on top to act as the hat. Then glue on the eyes, make a smile with black paint, and add a nose with the orange paint.

Photo by Karen Barefoot via Free Images