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Happy Holidays From Julia

OUR FIRST CHILD AUTHOR, Julia Elizabeth Lee Gif image from In celebration of the Holidays' we are having another contest. We would like all young people up to the age of 18 to create ...

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In celebration of the Holidays' we are having another contest. We would like all young people up to the age of 18 to create a holiday poem to be published here. Deadline will be January 1st,2001. We are also celebrating with Julia in Australia, email can do wonderful things. So please read on, I know you will enjoy her story.

She is 14 years old and lives in Australia with her parents, brother and sister. Julia attends school in Sydney and has many friends. She argues with her brother and sister and does not always agree with her parents. She loves to go to the mall, hang with her friends and is active in school. Simply put, she is no different from you or anybody else.

Her passions are Math, Science and Nature. It was the combination of all three that taught Julia dedication and ability to follow through on her school projects to completion. With the encouragement of her parents and her teachers, she entered a Statewide Science Contest last year. This was the breaking point for Julia, and she started on a journey like no other journey she has taken before.

Her Science entry was about Seahorses, she did all kinds of research. Julia went to libraries, surfed the web, received advice at school and contacted organizations that specialized in conservation issues of these sweet little creatures. After no responses, Julia was about to give up. Then one organization in particular, Project Seahorse in Canada responded. A prominent conservationist and educator, Dr. Elenor Bell, helped Julia with her project. Julia created a Teachers Resource Manual for Grade 2 Teachers. Dr. Elenor Bell helped Julia with her questions and anything else that was needed. It was alot of work, even harder than Julia expected. Amazingly, Julia's project came in first place. Now Julias' journey was truly beginning. Not even Julia knew what was ahead of her.

Last May, a Publishing Company called Dawn of Day Children's Publishing (a publisher that specializes and publishes Young Authors works only), was receiving requests from members in their Young Readers/Writers Club to learn more about seahorses. (The Club allows young people to submit for possible publication and to have their works critiqued by their assigned editors as to what sells in the market place). Dawn of Day has been in business for 2 years and was actively looking for their first author. They thought this was a great place to start. They contacted many organizations that specialized in conservation of the seahorse, asking if they knew any young people that had dedication, talent and ability to write a book on seahorses. This was the breaking point for Dawn of Day, and they started on a journey that they have not taken before.

After many rejections, Dawn of Day was about to give up. Finally, Dr. Elenor Bell of Project Seahorse responded, yes, we have such a young person.

Dawn of Day immediately contacted Julia with a proposal of authorship. They told Julia how she was recommended and that they felt she could do it. They also explained to Julia that she would have lots of responsibilities and this is a decision not only for her to make, but her parents as well. It is an honor to be selected, but hard work will follow should she accept. After going back and forth with questions and answers, Julia parents and Julia accepted the proposal. May 2000 a publishing collaboration agreement was signed by all concerned. Now it was official.

Julia has one year to date to create a story on seahorses. Since the signing of the contract, Dawn of Day Chief Editor (Robert Weisser), Project Seahorse Researcher (Dr. Elenor Bell), Julia's English and Science Teachers, Julia's parents and Roxanne Alexandria, President of Dawn of Day have been encouraging and guiding Julia through the writing process.

To date, 3 weeks ago, Julia finally sent in her first draft of her completed manuscript. Now the editing process truly begins. Dawn of Day expects the book to reach publishing status within 7 months, which will be May 2001. Julia is on schedule, and is working extremely hard.

With all the support and dedication of this young lady, we wish her the best, and know that she will create a story for all to enjoy.

Please come back for future update of how Julia is doing.