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Written by Long Island  |  02. December 2011

Conferences, Events 2020 : Add Your Events - matcco events portal : World Press Centre matcco events portal is a platform for distributing your important event news with world press centre's unmatched distribution network and comprehensive trade show news release circuits. With more distribution options in more countries than any other commercial newswire, matcco events platform provides members with targeted reach to virtually any market or industry and worldwide and offers unmatched value-adds, including top listed press releases across the globe. Add events and other social media related content such as press releases, campaigns and research papers and maximize your event public relations and investor relations efforts through matcco conference portal.matcco events portal is providing Multilingual Press Release services for the Middle East markets. Portal:- http://www.matcco.com/addyourevents.htm Media Contact: Kathy Scott, +3902700517787 globalcitynews@online.ie Milano, Italy http://www.globalcitynews.24ex.com/ http://www.citydiscovery.net/citynews.htm Press Centre - Media Monitoring Team The only Bi-lingual Fast Track Media Monitors. (worldwide network more than in 32 countries)

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