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COASTAL FLOOD ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL MIDNIGHT EST TONIGHT * WHAT...One to locally two feet of inundation above ground level expected in vulnerable north shore communities of the twin forks of LI, north shore of LI, and north facing LI barrier island communities for today's AM and possibly PM high tides near the waterfront and shoreline. * WHERE...Northwest Suffolk, Northeast Suffolk, Southwest Suffolk, Southeast Suffolk, Northern Nassau and Southern Nassau Counties. * WHEN...Until midnight EST tonight. * COASTAL IMPACTS...Minor to locally moderate flooding is expected in the most vulnerable locations near the waterfront and shoreline. Expect around 1 to locally 2 feet of inundation above ground level in low lying, vulnerable areas. A few to several roads and low lying property including parking lots, parks, lawns and homes/businesses with basements near the waterfront will experience shallow flooding. A few cars may take on water and be damaged if not moved. * SHORELINE IMPACTS...3 to 5 ft surf likely for north shore of LI and north shore of south fork shorefront with Sat AM tides, which will likely cause beach erosion and possibly minor damage to shoreline structures. Along the oceanfront, surf should build to 4 to 8 ft tonight into Sun AM, with scattered dune erosion impacts during those tidal cycles. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Minor to locally moderate coastal impacts are possible for the same north shore communities of the twin forks of LI, north shore of LI, and north facing LI barrier island communities for this evening's high tides as well. There is potential for more widespread minor coastal flooding along the southern and eastern bayfront communities of Long Island with the Sunday morning high tide.

10 Dangerous Toys to Watch Out For This Holiday Season

You may want to reconsider purchasing these toys for your children this year.

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Every year, millions of toys are recalled due to the dangers they present to children. According to World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH), many of these toys are already in the hands of children and parents.
WATCH releases a report each year warning consumers of these dangerous toys. Although the list highlights the dangers of these toys, it is important to remember that some of them may still be safe enough for some children to use - as long as they are at an appropriate age and are supervised while using them.
Air Storm Firetek Bow
The Toy: This is a light up toy bow-and-arrow set designed for children to fire whistling arrows up  to 145 feet.
The Hazards: The toy has the potential to cause eye injuries and although it is a light up/glow in the dark toy, the warning label states not to use it in complete darkness.
Age Recommendation: 8 and up.
Radio Flyer Ziggle
The Toy: A four-wheeled cycle that moves when the rider twists and swerves while sitting about eight inches off of the ground.
The Hazards: The warning label states that the cycle can cause “impact injuries.” The fact that the cycle is so close to the ground also presents a serious danger if used in streets or near cars.
Age Recommendation: 3 - 8 years old.
Cata Pencil
The Toy: A pencil with what is essentially a slingshot where the eraser should be.
The Hazards: This is another toy that can cause eye injuries if fired at another person. Not to mention the fact that a sharpened pencil is being marketed as a plaything with a catapult.
Age Recommendation: There are no age recommendations for this toy.
Alphabet Zoo Rock and Stack Pull Toy
The Toy: This is a “pull-toy” designed for infants.
The Hazards: The cord used on this pull toy measures approximately 20 inches, presenting a potential danger of strangulation.
Age Recommendation: 18 months and up.
Swat Electric Machine Gun
The Toy: This is a toy replica of an actual machine gun designed for use by children.
The Hazards: The toy replica can easily be mistaken for an actual gun - which can put children in a potentially life-threatening situation if they come across law enforcement officials or other people while playing.
Age Recommendation: 5 and up.
Wooden Instruments
The Toy: A set of wooden toys designed for use by infants.
The Hazards: The toy has small parts that can cause choking injuries to infants.
Age Recommendation: 12 months and up.
Bottle Rocket Party
The Toy: Projectiles designed for use by children to “throw a party they will never forget.”
The Hazards: The toy uses projectiles without providing safety goggles, presenting the potential for eye injury.
Age Recommendation: 8 and up.
Lil Cutesies - Best Friends
The Toy: A toy doll designed for toddlers.
The Hazards: The doll has a small ribbon that can be detached and cause swallowing and choking hazards.
Age Recommendation: 2 and up.
True Legends Orcs Battle Hammer
The Toy: A replica of a fantasy-style weapon.
The Hazards: The “war hammer” is made of hard plastic and young children can be seriously injured if they are hit.
Age Recommendation: 3 and up.
Colored Hedgehog
The Toy: A stuffed animal designed to look similar to a colorful hedgehog.
The Hazards: The imitation hair used on this toy can be easily removed, causing a potential choking hazard for small children if swallowed.
Age Recommendation: All ages.
[Source: WATCH]
Photo by thea0211 via Free Images.