What Can the Library Do for Me?

Written by Library  |  30. November 2001

The popular stereotype of the library as a place of quiet scholarship, policed by stern librarians hissing 'shhh!', couldn't be more outdated, false, and unfair to potential library users. Modern libraries are lively places, where users can take out the latest books, videos, audiocassettes and DVDs. You can do better than surf the 'net; you can use the Internet as a research tool, with the assistance of a professional librarian. You can bring your children to story hour. You can study English as a Second Language. In many of our public libraries you can enjoy a gourmet coffee, while reading, in an easy chair, next to the fireplace. We could go on and on, but you get the picture, we hope. If you haven't visited your local public library in person recently, we urge you to visit us virtually. Long Island.com provides links to all of the public libraries on the Island. Just pull down 'libraries' and click on GO from the LongIsland.com header above. Both Suffolk and Nassau libraries have umbrella websites. The links are given below. Librarians have selected the best of both free websites and subscription databases, for your use. The latter will get you into the best research material currently available for school, business, and home reference needs. You have nothing to lose by checking us out.

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