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How to Pull Off a Romantic Holiday Engagement!

Thinking about popping the question during the holiday season? Take a look at these fun ways to ask your sweetheart to marry you!

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The holiday season is upon us and it is a popular time for everyone to enjoy their friends and family and the things that truly matter most to them. This makes for the perfect time to let your significant other know just how much you appreciate them. Show them by proposing during the holidays, something they will surely never forget!
If you’re trying to figure out the ideal route to go on how to pop the question… look no further! Check out our memorable ideas on asking your sweetie to marry you:
A Tree Ornament
This idea can be done a few different ways. You could place the ring on top of the ornament so it sits nicely then give it to your partner to hang on the tree. She will have the surprise of her life when she goes to hang up the ornament and sees a beautiful diamond ring dangling from it! Another romantic way to use an ornament is to get one personalized and put the ring inside of it. Write something sweet on the outside and use as a keepsake during the Christmas’ to come. 
Inside a Stocking
Utilize this popular holiday decoration to help you propose. Stuff the stocking with cool stocking stuffers along with the engagement ring. Place it at the bottom of the stocking so it seems to be stuffed with just the usual items. Once she makes it to the bottom she will be thrilled to see the tiny box, and even more excited about what comes inside it! 
At a Christmas Tree Event
If you enjoy heading to annual Christmas tree lightings, bring your loved one and propose under the tree in front of a small crowd who will cheer you on! You can also go into New York City and pop the question under the Rockefeller Center tree! This is a pretty popular idea that many people like to utilize, but that doesn’t take away from its sentimental touch! 
Inside a Gift 
You can’t go wrong with a little surprise gift at the bottom of the bag! Wrap your honey’s gift and trick them by having them think there’s nothing left. You can even put the ring inside a larger box to fool her into thinking it’s a larger item. If you’re more of a prankster, put a bunch of small boxes inside a big one, causing her to make her way through all of them until she gets to the grand prize!  

Dress as Santa Claus
A more humorous way to pop the question is to play the role of Santa Claus! You can surprise everyone or have it planned that you will be dressing up and hide the ring inside Santa’s sack! Put a bunch of presents inside the bag and place the ring at the bottom, allowing your partner to dig in and find it herself. Once she takes it out of the bag, take the Santa beard off, get down on one knee and show her some love!
Have a holiday proposal idea you would like to share with us? Comment below!