Tampa Bay Lightening, November 27, 2000

Written by islanders  |  28. November 2000

We needed that. We needed that bad. When I walked into the coliseum today, I just knew it was coming. It had to come sooner or later! As I put on my jersey, while waiting for the pregame warm-ups, I said "This is it, we're going to get a W today", and I made the W motion. And that we did, in grand fashion. 7-4. 7-4? I would have been happy with 2-1, but I'm not going to give those goals back, not at all. I just hope we haven't scored all of our goals tonight, leaving us blanked for the next 3 games. Taylor Pyatt had his first NHL goal, and we finally had some good fighting at the Coliseum. There was a lot of intensity - pushing, hitting, and of course scoring. We came out of the first period with a 2 goal lead. First time in a long time that was the case. At the end of the first period a Tampa Bay player plowed into Beezer, and we think injured him. Beezer played the remaining 5 minutes of the period, but did not return (even to the bench) for the 2nd or 3rd periods. Kevin Weekes was pulled on the Tampa Bay side in favor of Cloutier. We were all cheering and hoping for a goalie scuffle (remember Cloutier and Salo?), but there wasn't one. Looks like Hamr has gotten back on track, but Czerk is still choking the stick a bit, with lots of close calls, but no puck in the goal. Izzy almost had a goal that levitated on the goal line, until he decided to help it in, but in fact helped it out. In the end, that wasn't a factor, we won. We WON. Drop the ticket, please. Was there an outstanding number of kids at this game? Or was it the fact that they were climbing over me in my section. In the 2nd intermission, the blimp was over my section, in fact it was all over the 333 end of the ice, and a whole bunch of kids were running and following it, between 4 or 5 sections. It finally ended up to drop the ticket in my section. I had kids pushing on me, stepping on my arm rests, it was insane. All over a stupid ticket or money off to a restaurant that a kid wont want to go to. Parents, control your children. I bet the parents will be the first ones screaming foul when their out of control kid falls and hits his head on the seat. Then again, at the Red Wings game, a similar incident occurred. Not between children, but between 2 adults. In my section, two men almost got into a fistfight over the envelope. One even got ejected. You attach the word free to something, and everyone is all over it.

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